Create gorgeous PDFs for the web and mobile for only $20!

If you're a designer, publisher, or business owner, chances are your website or other online media contains PDFs. We can't blame you for using PDFs for your relevant information as it is super convenient and easy to read; however, PDFs can also be very boring making your customers or other business partners skip over the important information you want them to know.

Make your PDFs stand out for only $20!

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Now, you could choose to use a different format, but that could lead to unnecessary confusion or worse, it could even cost you money to switch. You don't need to stop using PDFs; you just need to start using them smarter! iMore Digital Offers has the perfect solution!

Flip PDF offers you a better way to create PDF files. With Flip PDF, you'll be able to design, create, and publish visually stunning PDFs for desktop, tablet, and mobile formats!

Just take a quick look at these awesome features!

  • Convert ordinary PDFs into stunning and interactive digital flipbooks.
  • Create ebooks, digital brochure, product catalogs and more.
  • Use the drag and drop interface to customize flipbooks.
  • Utilize over 100 templates, 400 themes, 200 scenes and 700 backgrounds.
  • Generate flipbooks in .html , .app, .zip, .exe and mobile versions.
  • Craft a smooth reading experience for desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  • Share your flipbook on social platforms with ease!

Typically, software like this would cost you $99, but right now iMore Digital Offers can give you Flip PDF for only $19.99! That's a savings of 79%!

Plus, iMore Digital Offers is offering you lifetime access to Flip PDF, meaning you'll never have to pay for any upgrades, patches, or new versions again!

Save 79% today!

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