Cricket offering $100 account credit if you leave T-Mobile or MetroPCS

AT&T-owned Cricket Wireless is now luring away T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers by offering an account credit promotion if you switch from those rivals. T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers who switch to Cricket Wireless will get a $100 account credit when they port over for each line with a maximum limit of five lines.

The offer to switch is good through October 19 if you're interested in switching. For the promotion to work, you must port your number to Cricket and sign up for either a Basic, Smart, or Pro rate plan. Your account at credit needs to be active to receive the account credit, according to the fine print.

Cricket offers a range of devices on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

Unfortunately, it looks like customers on other carriers or networks will not be eligible in receiving the account credit.

Are you on T-Mobile or MetroPCS, and will you be making the leap to Cricket with this promotion?

Source: Cricket

Chuong H Nguyen