Cricket raises data allotments for new and existing customers — get 10GB for just $55

U.S. prepaid carrier Cricket is, for a limited time, raising the roof on their data allotments. New customers that sign up between September 13 and an as-yet undetermined cut-off date will get anywhere from 500MB to 5GB more LTE data on their plan for the same amount. Existing customers will also get more data on their plans automatically, and they won't have to pay anything more for it.

Here's how it breaks down. Cricket's $40 Basic Plan is doubling from 500MB to 1GB. The $50 Smart Plan is getting an extra 500MB as well, going from 2.5GB to a round 3GB. But if you're on the $60 Pro Plan, you're doubling from 5GB to a whopping 10GB. With all of these plans you can save $5 each month by signing up for automatic payments.

While there's no set end date for this promotion, Cricket has clarified to us that if and when they opt to end this promotion, both the new customers that signed up and the existing customers that get more data will be grandfathered in and get to keep it, even if the plans revert back to their original allotments. As for how long you might have to sign up, Cricket's not yet decided, but as we expect customers new and old will appreciate the additional data, it's probably going to be a permanent change.

Source: Cricket

Derek Kessler

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