Cricket Wireless begins selling prepaid GSM SIM cards on Amazon

In an effort to get their SIM cards in the hands of more users, Cricket Wireless has announced that they are now working with Amazon to make the ordering process even easier. The prepaid GSM SIM kit from Cricket sells for only $9.99, which gets you one Nano SIM card, one Mini SIM card tray adapter, and one Micro SIM card tray adapter, allowing it to fit in any GSM device. By selling the kit on Amazon, Cricket hopes leverage on Amazon's customer base to show off their products.

"Like Amazon, Cricket is all about delivering the best customer experience possible," said Jake Mullins, head of operations, Cricket Wireless. "We've built our business on providing first-class nationwide wireless service at a value price – and we make it simple. By working with Amazon, one of the world's best resources for mobile products and information, we'll be able to show more customers that there is a smarter choice in wireless – and that choice is Cricket."

With plans starting $35 a month, after $5 auto pay credit, being able to put this SIM in your own device makes the deal even sweeter. Check out how Cricket compares to the rest of the prepaid competition price wise here and then get started with your own SIM kit (opens in new tab).

Source: Cricket Wireless

Jared DiPane

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