Design a custom Lock screen that includes important information with LockScreen Lab for iPhone

LockScreen Lab is an iPhone app that lets you design custom Lock screens that can include important information like a calendar, contact info, to-do list, and your blood type. This is great for people who have a passcode setup on their iPhone, or if you just want to make it easy for someone to contact you when they find your iPhone.

There are four different types of objects you can add to your design: contact information, to-do list, calendar, and text box. For all objects you can adjust the color and opacity.

For contact information, there are 4 different styles to choose from -- two horizontal ones (one with one line, another with two), one that's a corner banner, and the fourth is actually a way to display your blood type and looks like a red liquid drop.

Text boxes allow you to adjust the font size, alignment and opacity. The todo lists are kind of neat, but you have no control over their size. There are 4 different looks for your lists: check boxes (that can be checked/unchecked), bullets, stars, dashes, and Apple symbols.

Lastly, there a four different calendars to add to your lock screen backdrop: two vertical ones and two horizontal ones.

One thing I noticed about the objects is that you cannot adjust their size. For example, in my Lock screen, I have my email address on the bottom and a calendar on the left. They are both designed to be full length/width, so the banner with my email address overlaps with calendar making it so I can't see one of the days. I'm a little OCD with stuff like this, so the overlap is drying me nuts.

The Good

  • Easy to use
  • Includes great little objects
  • Customization for colors and opacity
  • Access to Photo albums

The Bad

  • Can't adjust the size of objects

The bottom line

LockScreen Lab is great app for creating custom wallpapers for your Lock screen. I had never considered including information like my blood type and an emergency contact, before, but since I have my iPhone setup with a passcode lock, I'm going to always make sure I include this information from now on. LockScreen lab makes this easy to do.

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • I just create a custom Jpeg image with this detail. Good idea for an app though.
  • Same here i used the PSD template here
  • This is great! Thanks!
  • Hi guys, I'm one of the developers of this app.
    That's right, having a custom Photoshop template was the first step that made we do the app. It was easy and simple but, every time we found a nice wallpaper, we had to move it to computer, edit it and transfer it back to iPhone. That's why the app was born, to do everything directly on our devices. :)
    For every suggestions or comments you can write us, we like to listen new ideas!
    A big thanks to Leanna too, for her kind review. :)
  • I import a photo into Pages. I use the document setup area where I can make the image part of the "background" of the document. I then can use any color, font, size, etc to markup what I want the message to be. Then I size it on the screen where I want it (had to play with this for a few mins). Then capture the screen to photo section. Now it is ready for cropping or saving as screen lock image.
    It sounds like a lot but I have mine saying Reward If Found and some return info. It is small and professional looking, but the nice thing is, it is really customizable. I had Pages for Work so it was free for me to do.
  • I use My Wallpaper. Not great reviews but it works for me.