The difference between the Space Gray iPhone 5s and the black iPhone 5

One of the number one questions/comments I've had this morning since picking up the Space Gray iPhone 5s; does it/it doesn't look any different to the black and slate iPhone 5. Well, yes it does. See the difference in color for yourselves.

Does this change your opinion of it at all?

Richard Devine

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  • I really like the new grey. It matches the MacBooks more closely. Would be interesting if Apple made silver and black though
  • Actually the white matches the Macbooks exactly.. just that it has a white screen.. space grey is still a bit off as far as the grey is concerned.
  • Definitely quite a difference. I do prefer the Slate 5 vs Space grey 5s, but oh well. Still a sexy device ;)
  • Doesn't matter as long as the face is black. It's going in a case, never to be seen again. My iPhone 5 has been out of it's case once in over a year.
  • +1 I purchased a 4s almost two years ago and it is rarely out of the case. Will treat my 5s the same. Also prefer the black face.
  • Exactly how I feel! I can't do the white front at all.
  • Same iPhone doesn't even come out of the box until it is ready to go into a case right away. Like you said.....I can't do the white front at all either!
  • Space Gray iPhone looks almost like the original iPhone 2g. Sent from the iMore App
  • Clearly more durable then the black, won't show a. 0.01mm scratch
  • Got up early to stand in line at best buy for the 5s (no Apple store in my small city). I was the 8th person in line and was told they were already sold out of all colors for my carrier. They said they only got two Sprint variants!? WTF
  • Head over to a carrier store. I ordered from my local at 8am EST at my T-Mobile store, and getting an Oct 1st delivery date. Reps there were told they are getting priority for store orders over online because of lack of supply. Might get an earlier delivery that way at least.
  • Thanks for the tip. My carrier store didn't open early, so I'm sitting in the parking lot now waiting for someone to open the doors. Hopefully I get lucky!
  • Carrier had ONE iPhone 5s. FAIL
  • Just letting you all know, it does look quite nice in person Sent from the iMore App
  • Does it no longer say "iPhone"? Odd ...
  • Yeah, it does. You can see it, but the lighting in my house is playing havoc
  • I'm wondering if the change in color was meant to hide scratches a little better. All in All looks nice.
  • Give It To Me please ... :(
  • our local ATT is a big store and only received 25 phones, ALL space gray, 10 16g, 10 32g, 5 64g! I wasn't surprised they didn't get the gold but I am surprised they didn't get any white.
  • the difference is mind-blowing. Surprised anyone had to ask!
  • Can you do an unboxing of it? Or did you already take it out of the box without recording :(
  • There's nothing in the box we haven't seen before ;-) I kinda wanted to get home, but I have posted some hands on shots before I even activated the thing :)
  • I just wanted to see how the exterior of the box looked like. I just saw the box in google images. Personally, I like iPhone 5's box more than iPhone 5S. The iOS7 on the phone makes the box look a little bit cheap.
  • Apple should have made 5 colors: silver and white, silver and black, gold and white, all white, and an all black. Maybe for the iPhone 6?
  • My black 5 is completely hacked up from basic day to day use. I like the gray (not sure if I like it better), but hopefully it holds up better than the black. Putting it in a case is heresy to me :)
  • I'm with you. I will never use a case on my phones. Apple designed this things to survive in the wild without a case or they would have included one in the box. I'll never understand why people cover up these beautiful designs with cheap plastic cases. Especailly people who are worried about finding a gold model. Why do you care what color it is if you are going to wrap it in a black otterbox? I have owned the 4, 4S, and 5 on Verizon all day one purchases and never broken any of them without a case. I'm sticking with my day one iPhone 5 for another year and for the most part it still looks great. I have couple scratches in the corners but nothing you can see unless you are looking for it. These phones were built to be seen. Quit covering them up.
  • Tell that to the cracked screen of my 4S lol I hate covering up my new 5S just because it like the feel of it in my hand but I have no apple care so I'll keep protecting it with a minimalistic case
  • Pretty sure it is because of the Aluminum vs. Stainless, but iPhone 5 (and presumably 5s) screens don't crack like the 4/4s.
  • that's why i got a clear minimalistic case lol doesn't mess with the slim feeling of the phone in my hand and can still see the sexiness. Any other case would just ruin it if it can't be seen
  • i prefer iphone 5 colour
  • I still prefer the real black iphone 4/4s.
  • I really like the look of the "Space Gray". It's quite subtle. If I could get a 5S, that's the one I'd choose. Sent from the iMore App
  • Went to the Verizon store in the mall just over the NH border (no taxes) and they had stock throughout the entire day. I was customer #154 at around 4pm and there were still at least 40 people there after me when I left. Surprised how much inventory they had.
  • I like the space grey over the slate. There darker tone didn't really stand out as being two-toned, the lighter one does. IMO it looks sharper. And I did get lucky and pick one up Friday early morning. Now if the gold one was accented with black instead of white, I'd be all over that!
  • I just got a Space Grey today from a Sprint Store and all the Reps refuse to say Space Grey they call it black. When I called about it they said they only had the new iPhone only in Black 64gig. During the whole transaction I would say Space Grey and they would say black.
  • I much prefer the sleek and stealth like appearance of the 5. Really unfortunate they decided to go with the space grey.
  • It's like, how much more black can it be? And the answer is: none. None more black. The other one, though, could be a little bit more black.
  • Black is more elegant, gives the feel of adult business user.
    But both are fine.
  • The most important question does the new iPhone 5s space grey paint chip like the previous iPhone 5 (black)?
  • I much preferred the black - even if it showed the nicks and scratches a bit more. Still have my 5 and 1st gen Mini - the black is badass and stealthier... The space grey on my Air is kinda meh, but it was that or silver/white which wasn't an option for me.
  • Excuse me, but like kayno said, the white/silver version matches the MacBooks exactly, the space gray is a little bit darker than the alu in the MacBooks and the white/silver iPads and iPhones.