Digimon Survive: Everything you need to know

Digimon has been a popular IP for video games for years across multiple genres, offering an opportunity to explore in-depth different Digivolution tracks, as well as more corners of the digital world and how they work. Next up, we have Digimon Survive, a tactical RPG that brings a new cast of heroes along with plenty of familiar Digimon faces.

The game's been delayed considerably, unfortunately, and we're still short on details as to how it will actually work. But to tide us over while we wait, here's everything we know so far about Digimon Survive:

What is Digimon Survive?

Digimon Survive is a tactical RPG set in the Digimon universe, but featuring a new group of heroes. It follows Takuma Momozuka and a group of his friends, who go on a school camping trip and are sent to the digital world. Takuma partners with Agumon as he and his friends try to find their way home.

How do you play?

Though we haven't seen much of Digimon Survive just yet, we do know it's a tactical RPG and can see a bit of the gameplay in screenshots. It appears that in the game, Digimon act as moveable units you can position to fight enemy Digimon, with the ability to Digivolve of course playing a key component in your strategy.

In between battle segments, you'll explore the world and hold conversations with your friends and fellow Digimon. Digimon Survive has multiple endings, and the choices you make in gameplay and conversations can influence not just how the story plays out, but also how your Digimon will ultimately Digivolve. It's also possible that some characters may perish if you don't make the right decisions, so you'll have to choose your path carefully.

What Digimon have been confirmed for the game so far?

The following Digimon have been seen in trailers, screenshots, or promotional materials so far and are confirmed for Digimon Survive. Some may appear as companions to the main characters, others may be allies, still others may turn up as enemies you must fight:

  • Koromon
  • Agumon
  • Greymon
  • Metal Greymon
  • Falcomon
  • Piyomon
  • Diatrymon
  • Gazimon
  • Garurumon
  • Floramon
  • Palmon
  • Labramon
  • Wendimon
  • Numemon
  • Meramon
  • Marin Devimon
  • Okuwamon
  • Xuanwumon

When can I get it?

Digimon Survive is planned for launch sometime in 2020, and will cost $60.

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