Digital Offer: Get ActiveInbox, The Ultimate Gmail Task Manager, for only $25!

The amount of unread and unorganized emails in your Gmail account might be reaching an embarrassing, unmanageable level. Many people deal with this problem, and even if you're staying on top of it now, you might one day fall behind without a little help — there are hundreds of billions of emails sent every day.

Whether you've already fallen behind or just want to get a head-start on organization, what you need is a tool that makes managing your Gmail inbox a breeze. You need a tool that works in your browser or on your mobile devices.

ActiveInbox is a neat task manager that takes your Gmail inbox and makes it organized and manageable. Right now, iMore Digital Offers has a one-year plan for only $25 — that's 37% off the regular price of $40.

Here are some of the highlights of this awesome tool:

  • Take notes on your emails
  • Give all your emails and tasks due dates
  • Keep track of everything you've assigned with the "Waiting On" section
  • Schedule emails to send later
  • Notate emails and add them to your calendar or project manager

Even if you aren't currently buried under a massive, disorganized inbox, you can take advantage of ActiveInbox. Create folders for all your projects and clients, schedule due dates, and prioritize the most important items.

If you don't think a one-year plan is enough, there is also a three-year plan for $44 (63% off of $120) and a five-year plan for $65 (67% off of $198).

Ready to take hold of your Gmail inbox? ActiveInbox makes it easier than ever, and right now the price is right. Don't wait too long — this deal won't last forever.

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