Digital Offers: This 3-in-1 power pen can take notes, charge your phone, and more!

Ever find yourself with a pen in your pocket that you wished could charge your iPhone or iPad? Even if it were able to just give a little extra charge, it could be so useful, right? It would be even better if it acted as a real pen for when you needed to grab some notes, and a battery pack for when you needed some charge, and you can have just that.

The 3-in-1 Power Pen acts as a regular pen, a stylus, and a power bank for charging your phone. That is a whole lot of functionality to gain out of something that looks and feels just like a regular pen, isn't it?

  • Carry in your pocket & write anything you need down - it's the size of an average pen
  • Work w/ your smartphone or tablet easily w/ the integrated, high-functioning stylus tip
  • Charge your Android or Apple devices w/ the built-in connectors & powerbank

Charge your devices with a pen!

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It's pretty sweet to be able to charge your iPhone or iPad with the pen in your pocket, isn't it? What makes it even better is when you can save 57% on the purchase, which drops the price down to just $29. Little gadgets like these are the best ones to have around because they feel natural to carry around. Be sure to grab one now to keep a little extra charge with you at all times.

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