Discovering Colors - Animals for iPhone and iPad review

Discovering Colors - Animals is a coloring book for the iPhone and iPad that aims to teach young children (ages 2-5) about matching colors in drawings of animals. In each drawing, different sections are marked by a colored circle indicating which color should be used there. To color the picture, the child simply needs to tap the section with the correct color. When the drawing is completely colored, it will animate.

Although Discovering Colors - Animals can be easily be used by a child without the help of an adult, the folks at Frogames recommend that you sit down with your child and play with them. There are many different ways you can interact with your child, including talking about the animals featured in each drawing and identifying the name of the colors.

The free version of Discovering Colors - Animals comes with 4 different drawings and the paid version comes with 16 drawings (4 of which must be unlocked). The paid version of Discovering Colors - Animals is on sale for $0.99 for a few days.

The good

  • Fun music
  • Cute drawings
  • Children can play alone, yet there's plenty of opportunity for parents to offer more play through interaction
  • Change difficulty settings
  • Drawing animates when completely colored, bringing the animals to life

The bad

  • Would love to see more than 12 drawings included

The bottom line

Discovering Colors - Animals for iPhone and iPad is a great app for young children even as young as two years old. Some may complain that this coloring book doesn't actually say the names of the colors, but I actually prefer it this way. If an app does all the teaching, my daughter usually has no interest in interacting with me while playing, but Discovering Colors - Animals allows me to offer more to the experience by playing with her. This is a huge plus in my book.

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Leanna Lofte

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