OmniDiskSweeper in dark modeSource: The Omni Group

What you need to know

  • OmniDiskSweeper has been updated with Catalina support.
  • It's awesome and it's free.
  • Stop reading and download it!

OmniGroup makes some of the Mac's best productivity apps, but it also makes one of the best disk cleanup apps, too. OmnniDiskSweeper might have one of the most difficult app names to type, but it's a great way of reclaiming disk space. It's free, too. Oh, and now it supports macOS Catalina.

The OmniDiskSweeper v1.12 update is now available for download, as announced on The Omni Blog. It's fully Catalina compatible, including a gorgeous Dark Mode implementation. But as the team over at Omni points out, you can expect to see a few warnings the first time you run this thing. You can thank Catalina's new security settings for that.

The updates for Catalina include a Dark Mode About Panel, fixed handling of Catalina volumes, and removal of an unneeded notification.

But do note that Catalina will ask for permissions for OmniDiskSweeper to access various things — it might ask, for instance, if it can access your contacts. This is because it's looking at the sizes of all your files, which includes the files that contain your contacts.

But it's not actually reading your contacts, files in your Documents folder, and so on — it's just looking at file sizes.

Because the app needs to dip its toes into every corner of your drive Catalina will shout about it, making sure you know what's happening. That's Catalina doing what it's supposed to so don't worry when the dialog boxes start flying.

We've been using OmniDiskSweeper on our Macs for years and thankfully that's going to continue with this update. If you're short on disk space we'd suggest you take it for a whirl, too.