Does the iPad Air 3 work with the Logitech Crayon?

Does the iPad Air 3 work with the Logitech Crayon?

Best Answer: Yes, it does! The Logitech Crayon works with both the new iPad Air 3 (2019) and iPad mini 5 (2019), as confirmed by Logitech themselves. Previously, the Logitech Crayon only worked with the sixth-generation iPad.Get the new iPad Air: iPad Air 3 (2019) (From $500 at Amazon)Get the new iPad mini: iPad mini 5 (2019) (From $399 at Amazon)Get the Logitech Crayon: Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil ($70 at Amazon)

What is the Logitech Crayon?

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The Logitech Crayon is like the Apple Pencil, but slightly more affordable. If you've always balked at the $100 price tag for Apple Pencil, then the $70 for the Logitech Crayon seems much more reasonable.

The Logitech Crayon uses the same kind of technology as the Apple Pencil, so it's a great alternative. With the Crayon, you get precise lines on your iPad with no delays. This means you should be able to write and draw on the iPad Air 3 (or even iPad mini 5) without the fear of missing a line or detail.

The Logitech Crayon also supports Palm Rejection Technology, so you can rest your palm right on the screen while writing or drawing with the Crayon. The iPad is able to detect your palm or hand and reject it, so you don't get random scribbles all over the canvas when you're using the Crayon.

Tip Tilt is another feature of the Logitech Crayon. If you need a thicker or thinner line, just tilt the Crayon. The smart tip dynamically adjusts the line weight depending on the angle that you place it down. That's how a real pencil works, so why wouldn't it translate over to the Apple Pencil and Logitech Crayon?

The Crayon's unique shape is also superior to the Apple Pencil. Thanks to the flattened aesthetic, it won't roll off tables or flat surfaces as easily, so it's harder to lose.

How do I use it with my iPad Air 3?

Getting your iPad set up with Logitech Crayon couldn't be any simpler. Just push the button at the top of the Crayon, and start writing or drawing! That's it. There's no annoying pairing process or delays—it just connects to your iPad Air 3 or iPad mini 5 instantly.

How's the battery life on the Logitech Crayon?

On a single charge, the Logitech Crayon lasts about 7.5 hours. It will go to sleep after 30 minutes of idle time to conserve battery. If you're running low, you can charge it for 2-minutes to get 30 minutes of writing time.

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