Donald Trump takes to Twitter to express his displeasure over the lack of Home button on the iPhone

Tim Cook and Donald Trump
Tim Cook and Donald Trump (Image credit: The Verge | Chip Somodevilla | Getty Images)

What you need to know

  • Donald Trump has called out Tim Cook over the lack of Home button on the iPhone
  • Trump took to Twitter to say that "the button was FAR better than the swipe."
  • The internet reacted exactly as you'd expect.

It seems that Donald Trump has got himself a new iPhone, and he does not like it.

Yesterday Trump took to Twitter to express his strongly held view that "the button" on the iPhone was much better than the current "swipe." "Swipe" presumably is a reference to Face ID and Swipe to Unlock.

Donald Trump is of course no stranger to calling out political opponents, other nations and companies on Twitter, often taking to the platform to discuss immigration, the wall, national security and more.

Despite their previously reported cordial relationship, Trump addressed his tweet directly to the Apple CEO. Whilst he may have referred to the Home button as "The Button" and spelt iPhone with a capital I, the message is clear. What isn't clear is whether Trump has recently got a new iPhone, or if he's only just noticed the feature on a device he's had for sometime.

Users were very quick to respond with their own "To Donald" tweets, almost none of which can be repeated here.

Speculation that Donald Trump may build a Home Button and make Apple pay for it remains unconfirmed.

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  • I see what you did there at the end Stephen. You made me chuckle this morning. Now, time to make the....donuts, eh.., get them I suppose.
  • I wish Trump had tweeted about Tim Cook’s slavish devotion to the totalitarian government of China.
  • As if he cares, the fact that he tweeted about something on his precious phone which happened 2 years ago shows that he probably has no clue or just simply couldn't care less
  • That's silly. He's tweeting about it now because he's having to personally deal with it. Whether you agree or disagree with his politics, you might at least grant that he's had more things on his plate than to be kibitzing about tech developments that don't affect him. That's more the speed of the Apple kiddies who go bonkers about everything new Apple does, sounding lithe Simpsons comic book guy, either "Worst. Change. Ever." or best.
  • Ugh. Let’s hope journalists forget this before Apple unveils the next iPhone SE that will have a home button and faster processor.
  • Not sure why it would matter what journalists think, Apple does what it wants to do, the next iPhone SE might have a home button or it might not
  • I wonder how many of those whose replies could not be repeated here have said exactly the same thing about the home button? My assistant did when she got her iPhone X, and I did too when I got my XS Max. My other two employees won't upgrade because they don't want to lose their home button. I can't even contemplate buying a device without a home button for my parents. I guarantee you they'll never learn the gestures. The disappearance of readily identifiable buttons has baffled them quite enough.
  • Sorry it takes some minor bit of intelligence to go from a button to swiping. But Apple can’t design for people incapable of grasping basic facts.
  • It's crazy, Apple have implemented the swiping functionality extremely well, I remember trying an iPhone X out in-store for the first time, it was weird at first (as is any change) but after a few minutes I got used to it. Now I've used it like this for so long, going back to a button iPhone is frustrating because I keep trying to swipe up to go back to the home screen. I think some people just hate change, rather than the change itself, and that seems to affect older people more.