The DOOM Slayers Collection is out on the Nintendo Switch

Doom Slayers Collection
Doom Slayers Collection (Image credit: Bethesda)

What you need to know

  • DOOM is an action first-person shooter franchise from Bethesda Softworks.
  • It was recently announced that a collection of DOOM games was coming to the Nintendo Switch.
  • The collection includes five games which span over two decades.

During the recent QuakeCon, it was announced that a collection of games from the beloved DOOM franchise was coming to the Nintendo Switch. DOOM is an action first-person shooter which tasks the player with killing demons in increasingly gruesome ways.

The collection includes five games that span over two decades of the franchise:

  1. DOOM
  2. DOOM II
  3. DOOM 3
  4. DOOM 64
  5. DOOM (2016)

Players can join DOOM's official fan club, the Slayers Club. After joining, players can log in to DOOM, DOOM II or DOOM 3 with their account in order to unlock custom skins in DOOM Eternal, which is slated to release on the Nintendo Switch on December 8 of this year. While this port seems daunting, it's being handled by Panic Button, who is known for their amazing ports, such as Warframe and the Wolfenstein games.

The collection is on the eShop for $49.99 USD, which is a great deal for five games. When bought separately, the games amount to around $65 USD, so fans of the franchise can save big.

Are you excited to slay some demons in this collection of games? Let us know in the comments!

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