iPhone 11 could let you connect two sets of AirPods!

iPhone 11 may allow you to connect two pairs of Bluetooth headphones at once and listen to the same audio on both sets. According to Mac Otkara with some translation help from Mac Rumors, an Asian supply chain source says the feature would let the user play the same audio to two different Bluetooth devices. This means sharing your music with a friend would be even easier since you both could pop in a pair of Bluetooth headphones and hear the same sounds, but that's not the only use case for the new feature that the rumor suggests as Mac Rumors explains:

"In another example, Mac Otakara suggests a usage scenario in which an iPhone could be connected to a car as well as wireless headphones, transmitting GPS directions to the in-car audio system and audio to the headphones."

Currently, the iPhone can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices — even more, than one speaker using AirPlay 2— but it can only transmit one Bluetooth audio profile.

Apple is expected to launch new iPhones in September 2019, if its current release pattern stays true, and there's no word on exactly which model or models will ship with this new feature.

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