Learn how to color beautiful Easter eggs with Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living for iPhone

Easter Sunday is less than a week away, which means it's time to start coloring some eggs! Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living for iPhone will help you create the most beautiful eggs on the block.

Egg Dying 101 is organized into 4 tabs: Home, Gallery, Basics, and Favorites. The home tab is basically worthless -- it's just a photo (albeit, a beautiful photo) that says "Egg Dying" over it. The information button is also on this page, but that could've easily been put somewhere else.

The Gallery tab is where the fun starts. It's here that you'll find 20 different categories of 101 egg designs with step by step directions and sometimes video on how to achieve the look. The categories include basic dipping techniques, various masking techniques, embossing, embellishing, and even creating egg creatures. For each egg creature, Egg Dyeing 101 includes a template that can be printed with AirPrint or emailed. Each of the egg designs can also be emailed.

The basics tab is where you'll learn, well, the basics for egg coloring. This tab is broken down into 5 categories: Basic Recipe & Color Wheel, Egg Glossary, Blowing Out an Egg, Drying Pin-Board, and Sources.

The Basic Recipe & Color Wheel section includes three charts for light, dark, and neon hue colors. Each chart includes 12 colors, the number of drops of dye needed for each color, and the number of minutes you need to let the egg soak to achieve the desired color.

Blowing an egg is a technique for removing the contents of an egg so that you can save your creations for the years to come. This section of the app teaches you how to do it and includes a video.

The best way to dry your eggs in on a pin-board, so the Drying Pin-Board section is where you go to learn how to make one.

My only real complaint is that Egg Dyeing 101 is not universal for the iPhone and iPad. I'd rather have my iPad setup as a reference while coloring eggs than my iPhone. It's also easier to share the iPad's larger screen with the family.

The Good

  • Gorgeous photos
  • Clear instructions
  • Well done videos
  • 101 different egg designs
  • Lots of dye recipes for every color in the light, dark, and neon hues categories

The Bad

  • Home tab is pointless
  • Not available for iPad

The bottom line

My daughter is still a little too young to take part in the whole egg coloring experience, so I wasn't planning to color eggs this year, but Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living for iPhone is making me seriously reconsider that decision.

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Leanna Lofte

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