EKSA E900 Stereo Gaming Headset review: A comfortable headset perfect for gaming sessions

Eksa E900 Headset
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Bottom line: The EKSA E900 Gaming Headset is convenient and offers both excellent sound quality and a terrific noise-canceling mic. It's an excellent headset for any gamer, especially given the low cost.


  • +

    Removable noise-canceling mic

  • +

    Comfortable fit

  • +

    7-foot cable

  • +

    Cool look/color scheme

  • +

    Pleather drawstring bag included

  • +

    Comes with cable splitter


  • -

    Slightly echoey sound

  • -

    Moderate sound leakage

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When you're playing your favorite video games or listening to the music that hits your soul just right, it's essential to have a reliable set of headphones. For wired gaming headphones, it's especially important that they allow you to maneuver around effectively while also producing great sound and that they have a reliable mic.

During the past few weeks, I've had the chance to test out the EKSA E900 Stereo Gaming Headset. It sports a fantastic color scheme and produces a wide range of sounds to keep up with your gaming or music needs. Here's my full review of the EKSA E900 headset.

EKSA E900 Stereo Gaming Headset What I like

Eksa E900 Headset

Eksa E900 Headset (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

Overall I've definitely been impressed with these headphones, especially given the low price. Here's everything I like about the EKSA E900.

Comfortable fit and good range High-quality sound given the price

One of the first things I always check for is how well a headset fits on my head. If it's going to give me a headache after wearing it for 10 minutes, then it definitely won't last through a gaming session. I found that the EKSA E900 has a comfortable fit and doesn't exert too much pressure. The cups settle around my ears perfectly and the cushioning is plenty comfy. I also had my husband play a few gaming sessions while wearing them. He is a really tall man at six foot five inches, so he also has a larger-than-average head to match. He found that these headphones fit comfortably and adjusted to his large head very well without feeling like they reached their limit.

This headset offers a great fit for many different head sizes.

During testing, I also found that the sound quality on these headphones was excellent considering that they cost less than $50. Volume-wise, they can get really loud as well as really quiet, and they don't have issues with bass or high pitched notes. Of course, if you want super good sound quality, you'd need to pay more for a more expensive headset. But this one won't disappoint for the cost.

Noise canceling mic Works surprisingly good

Eksa E900 Headset (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

I spent several hours playing online multiplayers with friends while testing this headsest. During that time, my friends were able to hear me clearly and consistently. After awhile, I switched my headset with my husband to see how well the sound came through from the other end. The noise canceling works surprisingly well considering how inexpensive this headset is. I had a box fan running during testing. When I wasn't talking, the headset did a great job of blocking out the humming. But of course, the sound came through a little bit whenever I spoke. Still, that's not bad.

The microphone is flexable as well as detachable. I got hungry during gaming, as one does, so I was able to move the mic away from my mouth while snacking. I also removed the mic whenever I played on my own. It made the whole experience very convenient.

Convienient extras Pleather bag, splitter cable, and 7 foot cable

Eksa E900 Headset (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

In addition to the headset, this purchase comes with a splitter cable and a pleather drawstring bag. Obviously, having the splitter makes it so that the headset can work with a wider range of products, which is a big plus. I absolutely love the pleather bag. It feels strong, like it will last for a long time, and everything fits perfectly inside it without getting mashed up.

I measured the EKSA E900 cable at over 7 feet long. This can be both a pro and a con depending on how you're using the headset. The cable is plenty long for you to plug it into a device and then maneuver around comfortably from your computer chair or couch. However, it can also be excessively long for some folks. There is a velcro cable tie included on the cable, so you can wrap the excess length up and make it more manageable if necessary.

EKSA E900 Stereo Gaming Headset What I don't like

Eksa E900 Headset

Eksa E900 Headset (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

While I would definitely recommend this gaming headset, it isn't perfect. Here are the things I didn't like as much about the EKSA E900.

Sound leakage and echo

The folks around you will definitely suffer from second-hand listening if you play music at a moderate or loud volume. I had to turn my music down a decent amount before my husband wasn't able to hear any sound bleed coming from my head. That being the case, this isn't the kind of headset I'd typically want to use in public, unless I want to be that person on the airplane. But if you're simply planning on using it at home while playing video games, this likely won't be a problem.

Some listeners might not be able to pick up on this or might not even care, but these headphones don't provide the most detailed sound. Notes can come through slightly muffled or even a tad echoey. But it isn't the worst I've heard. I'd just warn that if you care about sound quality that you might want to consider a more expensive option. But given how inexpensive these headphones are, the sound quality is really good.

EKSA E900 Stereo Gaming Headset Should you buy it?

Eksa E900 Headset

Eksa E900 Headset (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

The EKSA E900 Stereo Gaming Headset is great, especially given the low cost. The headphones can handle a wide range from high pitches to low bass tones, and the volume doesn't feel limiting. The simple microphone is not only bendable but also removable. And since it does an excellent job of blocking background noises, you're more likely to be able to come through clearly for your friends to hear during online gaming sessions.

There is a decent amount of bleed when wearing the headphones, so those around you will definitely hear your music if the volume is at a moderate or high level. For that reason, I personally wouldn't want to wear them in public. However, they do make for excellent gaming headphones for your home consoles and computers. Considering that they don't cost very much, they're a really good option for any gamer.

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