Every amiibo you can use in Splatoon 2

Nintendo's amiibo are quite cool. They're these little figurines of popular Nintendo characters that you can actually use with the games you're playing. In the case of Splatoon 2, you can scan various characters using your Nintendo Switch to unlock them in your game. You can also save your stats, custom load-outs, and appearances for that character, and even access special gameplay additions and features when you scan certain ones. Here are all the amiibo you can use with Splatoon 2.

I've got an inkling

Whether you're out to add all of these amiibo to your collection or are looking for the coolest Inklings, these are all the figures that have some functionality with Splatoon 2. We recommend Inkling Girl (Red) because she looks awesome and she unlocks abilities like Run Speed Up, Opening Gambit, and Cold-Blooded. If you want the most iconic one, you should go with Inkling Girl (Orange).

Although we've linked individual amiibo here, there are some cases where you can buy them in a package deal to save money. We should also note that because some amiibo are rarer than others, you will find wild variations in pricing. Some run pretty cheaply, while some can run more than $50. Be sure to do as much research as you can to ensure you're getting the best price possible.

Quentyn Kennemer