Every amiibo you can use with Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch will be coming out on October 5. That means that there is all sorts of mini-game action headed our way very soon. You may be one of the many people wondering what sort of amiibo functionality there will be for the game. The good news is that Super Mario Party will be amiibo compatible. By tapping your amiibo you will gain access to in-game Party Points, stickers, music, and other extras.

The big question is what amiibo should you be dusting off in anticipation of Super Mario Party. Well, there is no solid information on that quite yet. However, there are a few amiibo featured prominently on the official game page and I think it's probably a pretty safe bet that those figures would be a great place to start!

I am fairly certain that these figures are a safe place to start your Super Mario Party amiibo collection. However, as more solid details emerge we will make sure to keep in the loop and let you know what amiibo figures you are going to want.

Jaz Brown