Nintendo Labo can be a blast to put together and play with, but if you burn through the basic Nintendo kits, you might be looking for more to do with your Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has now released a total of four main Labo kits, and there are a few third-party kits are out there to help you get started building new and more customizable creations. Here are all the Nintendo Labo kits you can get right now.

Keep in mind: due to high demand, many of these kits are currently out of stock at all retailers. Keep checking back, and mind the prices listed, as some of these are going for hundreds of dollars at third-party sellers even when they don't sell for close to that price.

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

The well-rounded kit: Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit is the best and most obvious choice if you're not sure about the specifics of Nintendo Labo. This is the quintessential starting kit for anyone who has never used Nintendo Labo before, as it contains five different projects you can make, instructions, and software. The projects range from the very simple RC cars to the complex piano. After working on the five, you'll be all set to start experimenting on your own. It's also cheaper than the Robot Kit, and thus a better choice between the two for new Labo users.

Keep in mind that you'll need either this or the Robot Kit to play with any other non-official Labo sets, as they come with the Toy-Con Garage software you need to make your own creations.

$70 at Amazon
Nintendo Labo robot kit

Bigger, and maybe better: Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

The Robot Kit, like the Variety Kit, comes with the software and Toy-Con Garage. That means that this can be purchased as a substitute for the Variety Kit if you're a fan of giant robot fights, and when used with other, 3rd party kits and your own creations. The Robot Kit doesn't contain as many projects as the Variety Kit (it only has the one giant robot project), but it's less expensive at $59.99. If you want to go big right out of the gate with Labo, the Robot Kit is a fun choice.

$60 at Amazon
Nintendo Labo vehicles kit

For Mario Kart fans: Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Vehicle Kit

Like the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit, the Vehicle Kit is the third official Nintendo Labo set for the Nintendo Switch that comes with both software and cardboard sets to build and play with. This one focuses explicitly on driving different vehicles and comes with cardboard sets to make and play with a car, submarine, and plane. It's the same price as the Variety Kit and includes the same amount of build-ables, but their themes are focused on vehicles and thus may not be the kind of activity everyone will enjoy. But if you or your kid likes to play at driving different things, this kit is perfect.

$70 at Amazon
Nintendo Labo Vr Starter Set

For VR first-timers: Nintendo Labo VR Kit Starter Set

If you're intrigued by the idea of a Nintendo Labo VR kit for your Switch but aren't 100% sure you want to dip your toe into VR, this is probably a good way to start. The starter kit comes with the Labo software, the VR headset project, and just the blaster project from the full VR Kit. Then, if you like what you've got, you can dive into the expansion sets and fill out the remainder of your VR project kit.

$40 at Amazon
Nintendo Labo customization kit

If you like a little bling: Nintendo Labo Customization Set

Pause! This is not technically a Nintendo Labo kit. It does not contain either software or cardboard, and you cannot do projects with it. What you can do is decorate existing projects with the Customization Set. This is the official set from Nintendo and includes decorative tape, two sticker sheets, and two stencil sets for $9.98. And they're official, so they'll be decent quality. That said, if you don't want the official Nintendo decor, you can just go to your local craft store and get markers, tape, stickers, and whatever else you want to decorate with, too!

$10 at Amazon
Nintendo Labo arcade cabinet

For some retro flair: Nyko Retro Arcade Kit

This third-party kit does not come with Nintendo Labo software, thus requiring you to own either the Variety Kit or Robot Kit to use. The Nyko Retro Arcade Kit folds together into a simple arcade machine set-up that holds Joy-Cons (with included analog stick attachments!) and lets you play games through Nintendo Labo with an arcade-style setup. It's cute, simple, and fairly priced.

$20 at Amazon

Get them built

Nintendo Labo is a great, crafty activity that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, and the Nintendo Labo software companions can be used to make creations come to life with programs that can encourage interest in coding and robotics. If you're just starting, the Variety Kit is the absolute best option as it gives you a solid introduction to the Labo software and, well, a variety of projects to enjoy.

But if you already know you love Labo, it's really hard to go wrong with any of the other kits. The Nintendo Labo VR Kit is possibly the most exciting, as it not only includes five projects and a VR headset, but it also has compatibility with several popular Nintendo titles, bringing characters like Mario and Zelda into virtual reality before your eyes. If you go that route, though, you might want to check out a good headstrap to make yourself a bit more comfortable.

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