Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Malzeno Combat HeroSource: Capcom

Capcom announced yet another Monster Hunter Digital Event for the upcoming paid DLC for Monster Hunter Rise — Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The new DLC will take Hunters to the coastal city of Elgado, where they will be tasked with defeating the Three Lords. Here's everything announced during the May 2022 Monster Hunter Digital Event.

Don't worry if you missed the premiere of the event, as you can watch it below:

New monsters

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Aurora Almudron HeroSource: Capcom

Seregios from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate makes a return in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Its attacks can cause a "bleeding" status effect when attacking with its Bladescales.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak SeregiosSource: Capcom

Two new subspecies were announced: Aurora Somnacanth, a sub-species of Somnacanth that attacks with Ice instead of Sleep elemental attacks. Magma Almudron is a sub-species of Almudron that uses magma to attack prey, burrowing underground to get around faster.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Aurora SomnacanthMonster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Magma AlmudronSource: Capcom

Aknosnom and Tigrex also have new moves in their arsenal to shake up the combat.

Malzeno, the flagship monster for the expansion based on vampires, can cause the "Bloodblight" status effect, where the monster can suck the life force from the Hunters it fights.

Follower Quests

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak FollowersSource: Capcom

Followers are story characters that can be taken with the player to assist them on hunts. These quests are single-player only, and Followers have weapon specialties that can be used to take advantage of specific fights. The new characters from Elgado, as well as Kamura Village can be taken on quests. Follower Quests also offer exclusive rewards.

New Actions

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak StaffSource: Capcom

Sunbreak will expand on the new moves introduced in Monster Hunter Rise, like new Silkbind attacks. Players can now switch between Switch Skills with the Switch Skill Swap, by assigning Switch Skills to a Red or Blue Scroll.

Swap Evade gives the player more freedom in movement, allowing them to move away from monsters while switching skills.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Swap ScrollSource: Capcom

Players can wall run without using a Wirebug slot, and can also choose whether to ride monsters when they're in a mountable state. This prevents players from accidentally riding monsters before they're ready.

Product information

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Deluxe EditionSource: Capcom

Players can opt to purchase the digital version of Sunbreak exclusively, or a set that includes the base game for players who wish to play from the beginning.

As previously stated, players who purchase the DLC early will get special layered armor for their buddies.

A new Sunbreak-themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is also available for purchase, featuring a Malzeno motif.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Pro ControllerSource: Capcom

Those who have save data for Monster Hunter Stories 2 can also get exclusive armor for their Hunter and their Palico.

Monster Hunter Rise Stories 2 CostumesMonster Hunter Rise NavirouSource: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases on Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2022.

Rise to the top

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bundle

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