What is included with Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition?

What is included with Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition?

Why buy the limited edition?

Super Mario Maker 2 is almost here. If you are looking to buy up a copy, we have a break down of the standard and the limited edition copies. The limited edition is a steal as it is currently only priced at $4 more than the standard edition, which does not include the 12-month Nintendo Switch Online Membership. The membership is worth $20 just by itself. So, what is stopping you from picking this up and joining the Nintendo Switch Online community?

The membership isn't mandatory to play the game, but without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, it is not possible to download other users levels. Half the fun of Super Mario Maker 2 is experiencing the wonderful creations that other users will upload. Plus, if you'd like to share your own levels online, it's not possible without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

What is new in Super Mario Maker 2?

Super Mario Maker 2 now includes a single-player mode which involves rebuilding Princess Peach's castle. The game will gradually teach you how to play along with some tactics for creating cool levels. This game includes over 100 original levels designed by Nintendo themselves that you can tinker with.

There are numerous new tools and course parts available as well as all of the previous styles, from Mario Bros 1, 3, Super ario World, and New Super Mario Bros U. With the new game, there is an option to build levels visually similar to the Wii U's Super Mario 3D World. This includes transparent pipes and the infamous Catsuit which allows Mario to climb up and cling to walls, swipe like a cat, and pounce on enemies in mid-air.

Depending on whether your game is docked or in portable mode, there are two different control schemes. The docked mode relies on a controller or the Joy-Cons to operate. The portable option uses the touch-screen which, for me, is the more satisfying option. There is now also a four-player mode; up to two players can build levels at the same time and you can team up with your friends to conquer levels together in local or online co-op.

Online fun and pre-order bonuses

The bottom-line for Super Mario Maker 2 lovers? The limited edition bundle is worth it for the savings on a Nintendo Switch Online Membership. If you're subscribed to Nintendo Switch online, then you can download an almost limitless number of user created levels from the online community. These levels can be played instantly, or downloaded and saved for offline play at a later date. The game includes everything that was in the original Super Mario Maker on Wii U, in addition to a stand-alone story mode, and an enhanced multiplayer mode. Plus, there's much more potential for creating fun-to-play levels.

If there is more to come, it makes me think there could be a Super Mario Odyssey style option for building fully 3D levels as well included in the future! One can only hope. There are also some pre-order bonuses available in certain regions (Only the EU and Japan have been confirmed for this at the currently.)Any physical copies of the game bought on launch day will come with a Super Mario Maker 2-themed Switch stylus. Any users who pre-order online are also eligible to receive one too!

Super Mario Maker is Released on 28th June 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

Natalie Houghton