Everything you need to know about Warriors Orochi 4 on Nintendo Switch

If you love hack-and-slash action games, you've probably heard of both the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors series of games that originated on the PlayStation 2 back in the day.

Warriors Orochi is a crossover series that combines characters from both of the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors game series, and we are now in the fourth installment with Warriors Orochi 4.

Regardless of whether you've played the previous Warriors Orochi, Dynasty Warriors, or Samurai Warriors series before, or if you're a newcomer, Warriors Orochi 4 is a fun hack-and-slash action game for everyone.

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It's coming out this month, and here's everything you need to know about it before you pick it up.

What is Warriors Orochi 4?

Think of Warriors Orochi 4 like a combination of both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors in a single, action-packed hack-and-slash game. You're going to see a lot of characters that come from both series, including a few new faces that are only in Warriors Orochi. You'll need to play through the game to unlock every character.

The game does have a story, and it's told over a series of 70 missions spread out over five chapters. The storyline picks up from where Orochi Warriors 3: Ultimate left off. The heroes from the Three Kingdoms and Sengoku went back to their normal lives and time periods, but Zeus, the Greek god of thunder, has a scheme and brings back all of the fighters into his dimensional world.

What's the gameplay like?

Players set up teams of three characters. Each character falls under a class type, which determines their ability: Power, Speed, or Technique. There's also the addition of Magic and Sacred Treasures in Warriors Orochi 4, which allow characters to perform special feats in order to overcome the hordes of enemies surrounding them.

The missions all have waves of dozens of enemies at a time, surrounding you. You'll need to take on all of the enemies at once with flashy attacks and special abilities to clear them all out. You can switch out your characters when needed, but keep in mind the class type when doing so.

How's the character roster?

If you love variety, Warriors Orochi 4 has you covered. The game just set a Guinness World Record for "most playable characters in a hack-and-slash video game", and for good reason!

Warriors Orochi 4 lets players choose from an insanely huge roster of 170 characters. These warriors come from both the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors franchises, so fans are sure to find their favorites somewhere in that huge roster.

Additionally, there are five new and original characters in Warriors Orochi 4: Zeus, Athena, Ares, Perseus, and Odin.

Can I play with friends?

For the first time ever, Warriors Orochi 4 includes online multiplayer for up to six players. The multiplayer modes can be either co-op or versus, and these modes involve capturing bases over the opposing team.

When is it out and how much will it cost?

Warriors Orochi 4 will be available on October 16, 2018, in both physical and digital forms. It'll cost $59.99.

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Ready for epic hack-and-slash action?

If you're in the mood for some crazy, almost mindless hack-and-slash fun for your Nintendo Switch, then you should pick up Warriors Orochi 4. The game has a huge roster filled with variety, and the over-the-top battle moves are entertaining to see. Plus, there's multiplayer for the first time.

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