Evomail+ is replacing Mail.app on my iPhone, maybe for good!

Evomail+ is now available for iPhone and boasts a simpler, more fluid experience than its predecessor, most of which was based on collected user feedback. The new One Button feature of Evomail+ constantly adapts and changes to better suit what you're doing at that exact moment. Which is why I'm replacing the default Mail app on my iPhone with Evomail+, at least for now.

When it comes to workflow, Evomail+ has been designed from the ground up in order to make email not only a more manageable experience, but more of a conversational tool that we don't dread using. Dominic Flask, co-founder and lead designer of Evomail has this to say:

With the re-design of Evomail+ we focused on streamlining the user's experience by creating the One Button, a single blue button that adapts to contextually fit within its environment allowing for faster navigation of your inbox and messages,

To most of us, email is a deeply personal experience that all of us handle differently. Depending on my workflow, how I choose to respond and organize emails could be completely different than that of even one of my colleagues. A lot of the issue I've taken with third party email clients in the past is that there just isn't an all in one solution across multiple platforms... yet.

I think Evomail+ brings us closer than ever to a feasible alternative solution. For me, I need an ecosystem that encompasses my entire workflow, not just bits and pieces of it. The mail issues with Mavericks finally made me ditch Mac Mail altogether several months back and I've settled on Airmail to replace it. It's the only third party mail client on any platform that's gotten me to ditch the native option for good. Mainly because no third party apps ever play nice across platforms.

When it comes to alternative mail apps for iOS, I've seen very little point in organizing things on my iPhone with a workflow that isn't available to me on my Mac, which is where I spend about 50% of my day hammering out emails. Airmail lets me quickly archive or delete messages, something the stock Mail.app on my iPhone doesn't let me do very easily. It's one or the other, unless you want to manually perform several taps to do the opposite of whatever you've chosen in settings. Archive and delete is something Evomail+ does very well with just a quick swipe in one direction or the other.

Some people may take issue with the fact that Evomail+ does store copies of your emails on their EvoCloud service. This personally doesn't bother me but it's a consideration for many who are bothered by that from a privacy standpoint.

Evomail+ is the first email app that makes me want to work through the teething problems of creating email harmony across desktop and mobile. I think I'm going to give it an honest try with Evomail+ and hope I never have to look back. If you happen to check out Evomail+, what do you think? Is it enough to make you ditch the default Mail app? Why or why not?

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