Facebook for iOS hits version 10.0, adds post review, hides recent posts

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Facebook for iPhone and iPad has updated to version 10.0 (yes, really). New features include the ability to review what your posts will look like and remove suggested links (?!) before sharing. You can also create posts when on a bad or non-existant connection now and they'll be shared when next you get back online. Finally, older devices should now load the Newsfeed faster. Speaking of which, if you were a fan of the Recent Posts tab, bad news — that's now been moved from the top and buried near the bottom.

As always, you can grab Facebook for iPhone and iPad from the App Store. Give the new version a try and let me know — what do you think of the changes?

Rene Ritchie

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  • I lost the ability to choose "most recent" with this update. Ridiculous. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yea I have no interest in their definition of important stories. I want to see the most current.
  • They buried it, it's here now: http://www.imore.com/how-find-most-recent-newsfeed-facebook-100-ios
  • I'm really getting sick and tired of Facebook making things harder for me. I don't want to see the popular stuff, I want to see ALL the stuff. Let me set and forget to "Recent Stories". Let me see EVERYTHING for pages I like, but give me the opinion to reduce what comes across my feed. Facebook doesn't know me, doesn't know what I want. They need to stop making decisions for me. I might have to try to avoid this upgrade.
  • +1
  • Deleted the app after the last update took away Messages. From your listing, I don't see why I would download it.
  • I'm still on Facebook app version 6.9; ever since I read in version 7 that ads would play in the feed automatically, I forbid Facebook updates. Reinforcing that was when I read they were going to remove Messages in a near update. The last straw now being that it's harder to get to Most Recent stories. Screw Facebook. I will hang on to 6.9 with every last bit and byte of energy I have. Thank God Apple allows us to manage updating apps better in iOS 7. Just in time for all this Facebook madness!
  • Here! Here! to that - app management in iOS 7! I've been hanging on to version 6.7.2 with my claws, as soon as I caught wind of the auto ads/video and that they'd be separating out messages. I keep the .ipa backed up in several places. Along with Foursquare 7.0.9, just before they started making it Swarm-aware.
  • I'm almost done with Facebook. I do NOT want to see posts from yesterday mixed in with posts from 10 mins ago. If I can't sort by Most Recent, that might be the last straw Sent from the iMore App
  • I downloaded the "paper" app for Facebook. Like it a whole lot more than this app now! Sent from the iMore App
  • Maybe they're trying to drive users to the Paper app and that's why they're making things more user unfriendly and uncustomizable? Sent from the iMore App
  • Maybe they're trying to drive users to the Paper app and that's why they're making things more user unfriendly and uncustomizable? Sent from the iMore App
  • It removed the option completely for me. It's not merely "buried at the bottom" it's just gone. Now I'm stuck seeing what Facebook determines I see. Also, if I log in to comment why do I have to enter a stupid captcha?
  • Here's where Most Recent moved to: http://www.imore.com/how-find-most-recent-newsfeed-facebook-100-ios
  • I use Paper more since it loads faster and the most current posts are near the front. Even though this update should load faster (how much faster on my iPhone 4 is to be determined), I'm on the fence about downloading it. Sent from the iMore App
  • Facebook annoys me by deciding what is popular enough to be in my feed. I always use the most recent setting, never their idea of top stories. The app used to remember your selection, then it stopped. Next they move it to the more page and now the hide it inside that page. Sometimes I think they change stuff just for the sake of change.
  • I almost never resd FB on my iThings anymore because of this crap. Instead, I use Safari on my iPad. The apps are only installed so I can use the Send To commands from other apps.
  • if you were a fan of the Recent Posts tab, bad news — that's now been moved from the top and buried near the bottom. (This isn't new on Facebook) at least not for me. Sent from the iMore App
  • Any news on that 100 MB of CPU hogging, that also chews up phone battery ?
  • Rene--I'm still here, or I am back! They updated FB again without promoting Paper? Someone please investigate! Paper is far superior, everyone!!!
  • I lost the ability to choose "Most Recent" from the top of the feed on my iPhone's Facebook app last year while other people still had the option. Now the latest update removes it for everyone? I'll probably just delete my profile soon.
  • New Facebook upgrade not loading properly on my iphone or ipad. It starts, gets stuck and then it even disappears from the app store. Never says completed or anything. Any thoughts. I started downloading it yesterday on my ipad and then today on iphone, nada, zip, zilch.
  • Yeah, they also added this amazing feature, where every time I fire up the app on my iPhone it crashes!