Fans are giving classic games like Sonic, Zelda, and Pokémon the Paper Mario makeover

Paper Mario Zelda
Paper Mario Zelda (Image credit: 64 Bits)

Paper Mario: The Origami King is slated to release for Nintendo Switch on July 17. While fans have mixed expectations for the game, there's still plenty of excited buzz in the air leading fans to create some interesting fan art. Paper Mario has a very unique art style that places 2D figures in a 3D world. As we patiently await the sixth installment in the series, some fans have taken to giving other classic games the paper treatment. Here are our favorite fan-made Paper Mario makeovers.


Sonic looks ready to rip up the scene in this cardboard and paper recreation of a classic Sonic The Hedgehog level.

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Star Fox

Star Fox 64 was my jam as a kid. I love seeing it recreated in this adorable pop up book style.


Kirby's cartoony appearance fits right in with the adorable artwork found in the Paper Mario games.

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Pokémon crossover

This was created a few years back, but it depicts a Pokémon battle using a similar art style and fighting style found in the first two Paper Mario games. I absolutely love it.

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Paper Mario Odyssey

Seeing the 3D artwork of Mario Odyssey recreated in the Paper Mario style is really making me wish this version of the game existed.

Paper Mario Odyssey

Paper Mario Odyssey (Image credit: Know Your Meme)

Pokémon battle

This one's an oldie but a goodie. Someone took the time to draw a Paper Mario battle in the form of a wild Pokémon encounter.

Paper Mario Pokemon

Paper Mario Pokemon (Image credit: Know Your Meme)

Animal Crossing villager

This beautiful version of an Animal Crossing villager makes me long for paper versions of my favorite animal villagers. To quote a certain little mermaid, "I want more!"

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The Legend of Zelda

I'm a HUGE fan of The Legend of Zelda and would definitely play each of the Paper Mario-like versions of the games shown in this video. I love how the paper style changes ever so slightly to match the style of each game.

The paper games

It's so fun seeing these classic games in the style of the Paper Mario franchise. I personally hope that several more of these Paper Mario makeovers get posted online. In particular, more fan art showing Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the Paper Mario style would be so adorable. Make it happen! Are there any other games that you'd like to see recreated with this paper aesthetic? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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