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FarmVille for iPhone - app review

FarmVille is a widely popular real-time farm simulation game created by Zynga. It was originally created as a flash game for Facebook and eventually became available at Players can now farm on go with the most recent version of FarmVille on the iPhone.

If you have already invested a lot of time with a farm on Facebook, FarmVille for the iPhone allows you to access your existing farm via Facebook Connect. If you're a new farmer, you can create a new farm with the app; however, you must have a Facebook account to play.

Farming on the iPhone is much better than on the web. Although the game takes a long time to load, there is no lag while playing - this can't be said for the flash-based version. It's a quick tap to harvest anything which makes collecting from animals and trees nice and quick. To use a tractor, tap and hold a plot of land, then drag across the other plots you want to plow; your plowing can take any shape and does not have to be in groups of four at a time (like on the web). When your crops are ready to harvest, FarmVille sends you push notification.

You can also visit your neighbor's farms, send and receive gifts, purchase coins and FV cash, access the market, organize your farm, and much more. The only FarmVille feature that seems to be missing is co-op farming. There is also one bug; sometimes the harvest indicators for tress and animals are misaligned making it difficult to know which object needs to be harvested.

Zynga did a great job with FarmVille on the iPhone, and now I rarely play FarmVille on the web. Now, if Zynga would make FarmVille a universal app for iPhone and iPad, a farmers life would be complete!

[Free - iTunes link (opens in new tab)]


  • Tractoring is better than web version
  • Special iPhone only items (like Snow Leopard)


  • Takes over 40 seconds to load (on wifi)
  • Many harvest indicators for trees and animals are misaligned
  • Must have a Facebook account

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Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • Great Reveiw ... Thanks LL ...
  • We Rule > Farmville
  • 40 seconds to load is verging on absurd for a game with that ruleset and those assets. Is that on an iPhone 4? Does it only occur on the first load while certain assets are downloaded to the device, or is it that bad every time?
  • I got hooked on we rule but have now moved to godfinger.
  • it doesn't load an aweful lot of the time for a fair amount of people... check out the farmville forums.
  • Thanks Leanna for the review! I actually may waste the space for this.
  • We rule is soo realistic..
    The way each charcter sounds and their movements.. It's very nice.
    The music blends wth the game..
    We Rule is way better than farmville :)
    I'm still in 19th level..
  • Yup I agree!!
    Even I love godfinger.. \m/
  • Wow. "Not Nearly as Laggy" (on the iPhone vs CPU). I about flipped when I heard you say that. I thought it looked really laggy and unresponsive even on your iphone4. I don't think I would get this on my 3GS. I read a comment above saying it wouldn't even load on some. This game sound like a memory hog. It would probably crash upon trying to load on my 3GS. Anything that makes the A4 processor looks that sluggish, has some serious memory usage.
  • @(Copy of) Dev - Yes, it takes that long every time :(
    @John Oates - It really seemed laggy in the video?! The unresponsive was because I had the iPhone laying on the carpet and I was taking video with a tripod. So my arm was going through the tripod legs making it difficult to tap correctly. When holding the iPhone in my hands and playing, the game is perfectly responsive and not laggy. Sorry about that. Maybe I'll try putting the tripod at a different angle next time so it's not in my way.
  • wow people play this stuff wow. Now I know why they where laughing at the wwdc 2010!!!
  • Great review! I think alot of people will be interested in this app simply because of endless hours on facebook playing this. A handheld version will be much loved. The only problem will be the quality and performance on the iPhone. But i think a few updates can fix this :D
  • I have this on my 3GS and so far there haven't been any real issues. The only things that are missing in the iPhone version are your dogs if you have them, you can't do the special things like the current Tuscan Wedding tent, you can't do the "collections", use the farmhands/arborists, redeem the 100 free XP people find... I think that's it.
    But the game will drain your battery like nobody's business.
  • farmville . i do not like Farmville alot
  • Leanna - your review was fabulous, thank you! I recently broke my addiction to FV online, but this just might entice me back; it definitely looks faster than thru FB, for those who disagree and are griping about delays on iPhone, I'd say it's minimal compared to the constant lag time with Flash, especially when visiting other farms (and on that note- the reason the farm 'moved on its own' when you were on your friends farm is because it wanted you to fertilize his chicken coup as well, I'm guessing you already figured that out!).
    Thanks again for the great review
  • We Rule is much better than Farmville. And it's also free.
  • I forgot to say: Thanks Leanna for the great review. Keep up the good work!
  • My mom loves this app! I dont play it, but it seems to be awesome for those who do. Im just eager for Netflix to release it's app for the iPhone.
    @TiPb: You should do an app review on Waze, I was browsing through the App Store for a free navigation app, and this app was I believe third on the list, and was only added days ago! (June 30th). Anyways, this app is really awesome and brand new, just wanted to let people know who dont want to dish 50 bucks for TomTom.
  • Great review. Thanks. Good night Leanna! Sweet Dreams.
  • The iPhone version works fine on the iPad. Would be nice to have a universal app, but the iPhone version is definitely better on the iPad, once you get past the poorer resolution. But the resolution isn't that good to begin with, so it doesn't really matter.
  • this app is absolutely unplayable on an iphone 3g. my laptop loads my farm in a few seconds as opposed to a minute or never (it has crashed several times, usually right after it finally loads). on my computer im in and out , done with farmville in 5 minutes, 10 if i want to play around a little more. no doubt its a better experience on a 3gs or iphone 4. hopefully updates can fix performance on 3g iphones. that being said i WANT this app to work, and well. i luvs me some farmin'
  • Leanna, you sound very cute. Wish your voice came in the game...
  • my neighbor is obsessed with farmville she's in her early 60s and she got all upset one day when people were "cheating" to get more points. They must have bought one of those cheat guides, but I digress, I wonder what demographic this app is targeting.
  • I haven't seen this many bugs in any app.
  • Just when I told family, and friends I cannot play FV because there is no iPhone app. I have notice other apps on wifi taking longer to load up. Hulu about 20 sec. The same with some apps that need an Internet connection to run. No big deal, but there is a slight difference some days.
  • The one thing I wish they'd do is make so that if you get a call or a text it would continue to do what you started ie plowing, harvesting or planting. Drives me crazy when I sat there for 5 minutes harvesting and someone calls me and I have to restart where it left off. I also noticed that after I'm all done, I have to reset my phone or it runs in the background and drains my battery.
  • Fresh1 says:
    July 3, 2010 at 12:18 pm
    Great Reveiw … Thanks LL …
    Seriously? That was so painful I had to stop after she planted the wrong crop. It was like listening to a first grade show-and-tell at a special needs school.
    And it's pronounced DIE-KON, not DAY-KON....
  • (Copy of) Dev says:
    July 3, 2010 at 12:43 pm
    40 seconds to load is verging on absurd for a game with that ruleset and those assets. Is that on an iPhone 4?
    No, it wasn't. 14 seconds on an iPhone 4.
  • Wow she says it's been a while since she played FarmVille, and I say no s#*t!!! First off the harness you can still use to expand your horse stables, so that is why you have some in your gifts. Second the screen moved on it's own for no reason because it wanted you to feed the chickens on your neighbor's farm. Lastly, try clicking on the marker above the animals to try and collect from them. This might help in making you look like less of a retard when you review a game you don't play recently enough to know the current features. TiPB I don't have an iPhone but give me one and I'll have a better review of the next version of FarmVille for iPhone.
  • @Steve Jobs - Yes, it was on an iPhone 4 on wifi
    @Brent - Wow! Didn't mean to make you so angry! Yes, I forgot about the chicken coop thing and didn't know about the harness... that's why I made sure to say I haven't played that much in awhile. Oh, and by the way, tapping on the marker doesn't collect from the animal, it selects the object behind it. Even if it did, it doesn't take away from the fact that many of the markers are not correctly aligned.
  • @Leanna I'm sorry I had a bad weekend and your review was the tipping point.
  • Cool I guess but I still prefer We Rule over Farmville at least 3 to 1.
  • any Body can help me plzZzzzzzzz that how to fix my farmville in my iPhone 3gs, there z a prb which it says(There seem to be an issue to load ur farm. Would u like us to try it again)
    plz any body can help me to solve It cuz it's three days that I can't go to my farm
  • can we do farmvile jobs in iphone?
    ie. if we harvest, will it be counted?
  • OMG..FarmVille…please…don't try to remind me that name…It is truly addicting for such a foolish game lol I hate it..but I love it at the same time. :)
  • i let my friend one night use my iphone to check his farm. now i get all his post from his farm. i tried to turn off all the post on the game did not work. itried to remove from itunes and iphone still getting them. i just do not understand after i emailed the farmville help they do n ot responed. not real happy with it.
  • Sweet! I just got 100 FarmVille Cash for FREE!! <<
  • Sweet! I just got 365 FarmVille Cash for FREE!! <<
  • whether im out i can play my farm bec of iphone
  • Other cons
    The buildings are a waste of time. Greenhouse, trading post - well you can have them but can't do much with them.
    Gift and friend requests are almost non existant.
    No super crops.
    The web game has way too many pop up. Not unusual to have capitol one, fv bucks ads and neighbour requests before getting to the game.