Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes returns to the world of Three Houses

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Screenshot
Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Screenshot (Image credit: Nintendo (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • The next Fire Emblem game is set to hit Nintendo Switch on June 24, 2022.
  • It's not a sequel to Three Houses, but rather a new story that takes place in the same universe.
  • The Fire Emblem Warriors games are less about turn-based combat and more about hack-and-slash gameplay.

The next Fire Emblem game is set to hit the Nintendo Switch later this year, with Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes.

The game won't be a continuation of the story set up in Three Houses, but it'll feature a lot of the same characters and take place in the same univers on Fódlan. It's set to release on June 24, 2022 with Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude in tow.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses from 2019 continued the Fire Emblem turn-based formula fans have fallen in love with, telling the story of mercenary that gets hired as a professor at a local academy and has to choose between three houses. There was also story-focused DLC released in 2019. While the Fire Emblem series has been successful for years, it only started hitting the U.S. in 2003.

Fire Emblem Warriors from 2017, however, is a different kind of game. Instead of offering turn-based, strategic gameplay, it features faster hack-and-slash combat. It's also handled primarily by Koei Tecmo, creators of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, instead of Intelligent Systems and Nintendo.

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