The first 'T-Mobile Tuesday' giveaway had issues with too much demand

The first "T-Mobile Tuesday" for the carrier's free giveaway offer was hit with way too much demand from customers, with many people unable to get their promised free gifts.

T-Mobile announced the new weekly giveaway program, which offers things like free food, movie tickets and more, on Monday as part of its Un-carrier 11 plans. Some people who downloaded the T-Mobile Tuesdays app reported on Twitter they were unable to access the free giveaway, and some customers were unable to download the app at all.

However, T-Mobile apparently feels their customer's pain and stated they plan to "make this right asap" in a Twitter message:

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Were you able to get your T-Mobile freebies today or are you still waiting? :Let us know in the comments!

John Callaham

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