Free Wallpaper Friday: The "What You Get" Edition

This is the first weekly wallpaper installment I've publishing without having first tested them on my own iPhone, because I seem to be ahem iPhoneless at the moment. So this week's gallery is a "What you get" release. I hope they look good. If you don't like them, keep your receipt and I will refund your... wait, what the hell am I saying? They're free!


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  • Another site with iPhone wallpapers here :
  • Has anyone successfully downgraded and unlocked an iphone that shipped with 1.1.1 ?
  • That has to be the funniest pic of Steve I've ever seen. And it wasn't even Photochopped!
  • What's with the vapid looking chick with glasses? I really want to look at someone I don't even know every time I fire up my iphone? Hell, I don't even want to look at pics of people I *do* know. Weird man, weird.
  • stupid how do i get it bitch!!!
  • yeah i dont really get the chick with glasses
  • Months ago I nic named my iPhone Izzy, The pic with the girl at least gives me a face to go with the name....
  • About the chick with the glasses... I'd do her.
  • That chic as you call her is my spy. Someone has to keep an eye on you guys, and that wallpaper is the ultimate in spyware technology; the all seeing eye of Kent.
  • Please tell where did you get that jobs-goofy-posture.jpg photo. I really want it bigger size to put on my desktop screen.)
  • Nice wallpapers!