FreedomPop to compete with carriers by offering free international calls

FreedomPop will be competing with both wireless carriers and VoIP services such as Microsoft's Skype with a new plan that will allow any iPhone and Android smartphone owner to get 100 free minutes per month to 52 countries, with plans to expand that reach to 170 countries in the coming weeks.

The service is provided if people use the FreedomPop Free Talk and Text app for the iPhone and Android. If users want more than 100 international minutes, FreedomPop says they can pay for additional time for as low as $4.99 a month, which it says is 75 percent lower than the rates currently charged by Skype and wireless carries. It added:

FreedomPop also announced the first ever program to provide users anywhere in the world an international number, letting contacts outside the country make international calls as if they are local. For example, a customer based in Los Angeles can get a Mexico City phone number so family members based in Mexico can call at local rates, or vice versa. The service costs just $4.99 per month, yet can save international callers hundreds of dollars a year.

Source: FreedomPop

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