Create beautiful, unique photo collages with Fuzel for iPhone

There's a plethora of photo collage apps in the App Store, but Fuzel is one of the best one's I've ever come across. One of its defining features is that you can design your own layouts by placing the separators precisely where you want. It also has a gorgeous design.

The home screen of Fuzel looks like a photo album with the square cut out to preview one of the photos inside. Tapping on the album (or swiping it) will open the album to the first page -- your latest collage. From each page, you can quickly edit, share, delete, or access a thumbnail view to browse all your collages. Swiping left or right will navigate to your other projects.

When creating a new collage, you can design the layout exactly how you want from the Cut screen. Placing your finger on the screen will bring up a straight line that you can move around and angle exactly how you want. Using two fingers will give you more precision. Once you've added all the lines you want, you can further customize their placement by moving the intersection points which allows you to be creative with the shapes of the cutouts.

Once you're done with your cuts, each space becomes a place to put a photo, which you can grab directly from your camera, or select from Facebook or your albums and Camera Roll. The width of your outlines can be adjusted and you can choose from 27 colors for your base.

Each photo that you add to your collage can be given one of 18 filters, allowing you to be creative with out you mix and match the filters between your photos. There are also 17 photo frames and captions that you can place around your collage.

If you're in the mood to just quickly create a collage without spending time designing a layout, there are also 36 preset layouts available in square, 2:3 and 4:3 ratios. These layout are also adjustable so that you can tweak them to your liking.

Once you're done with your collage, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email, or save to your Camera Roll. Save as high-res is an option.

Like I said, Fuzel has got to be the best collage apps I've come across, yet. However, it does have some limitations. For example, the 2:3 layouts are in portrait and the 4:3 are in landscape, and you can't rotate them to change orientation. The other annoying feature is that when you add a photo that's stored on your iPhone, you can't sort by albums -- they're just all grouped together as a single album which is rather annoying for someone with a couple thousand photos stored on her iPhone.

Those are the only two things that really bother my, though, and still find Fuzel to be an excellent app. The possibilities are endless with Fuzel, and that's a very important trait for an art-creation app to have.

If you pick this one up, share your collages with us in the iMore Photography Forum!

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