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What you need to know

  • Gamevice is claiming patent infringement by Nintendo.
  • It says the Switch should be banned from being imported into the US.
  • Gamevice tried this once before and was laughed out of court.

Gamevice apparently doesn't learn its lesson. After previously being told by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board that it couldn't claim Nintendo's Switch console infringed upon its patents, the company is at it again. And now it wants the Switch banned from being imported into the United States.

The new claim, spotted by GoNintendo, not only sees Gamevice again want Nintendo to be held accountable for so-called patent infringement, but it also wants the original case to be opened back up, too.

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GameviceSource: Gamevice

Gamevice filed a new patent-infringement complaint against Nintendo, while at the same time appealing the earlier case it lost. Gamevice says they were issued a patent for a game controller in August that Nintendo has infringed upon. Gamevice's device is for use with smartphones and tablets, and Gamevice is aiming to stop U.S. import of the Switch because of this so-called infringement.

That original legal spat came to a close just last month after Gamevice was told that it wasn't going to win any of the 19 claims that it brought against Nintendo. Seemingly keen to keep its lawyers in a job at this difficult time, it's having another pass at it.

I can't see things ending any differently this time around!