Genki Audio Lite review: An essential accessory for your Nintendo Switch Lite

Switch Lite With Genki Audio Lite
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Bottom line: The Genki Audio Lite is a great device that seamlessly brings Bluetooth to your Nintendo Switch Lite.


  • +

    Sleek, slim, and matches the Nintendo Switch Lite almost perfectly

  • +

    Simple to use

  • +

    Bluetooth 5.0

  • +

    Great price


  • -

    Does not work with other Nintendo Switch Lite cases and covers

  • -

    Only supports one connection at a time

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Released in 2019, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a revised Nintendo Switch focused on portable play and affordability that taps into the Nintendo Switch's impressive library of games. While it features a slightly smaller screen and lacks removable Joy-Cons, the Switch Lite is slimmer, lighter, and offers essentially the same experience as the normal Nintendo Switch at a fraction of the cost. As impressive as the Nintendo Switch Lite may be, it still shares a significant omission with its hybrid counterpart, which is the lack of native Bluetooth support.

While the missing feature isn't too much of a big deal on the Nintendo Switch, it's particularly glaring on the Switch Lite. Luckily for us, Human Things Inc. felt the same way and, since 2018, has successfully kickstarted a string of successful projects for the Nintendo Switch, including the system's first USB-C Bluetooth adapter, the Genki Audio. And like Nintendo, they've released the Genki Audio Lite, a smaller, stylish way to bring Bluetooth to the device — and it's one of the best accessories available for the Switch Lite.

The best way to bring Bluetooth to your Switch Lite

Genki Audio Lite review: Cut the cord

Switch With Games And Genki Audio Lite

Switch With Games And Genki Audio Lite (Image credit: Zackery Cuevas / iMore)

While the Genki brand has only existed for four short years, they already have quite an impressive portfolio, which includes the Genki Covert Dock. Founded in 2017, they launched the Nintendo Switch's first USB-C Bluetooth audio adapter in June 2018 and have continued to make high-quality products that focus on the Nintendo Switch. Their latest creation, the Genki Audio Lite, is a revision of the Genki Audio made specifically for the Nintendo Switch Lite. Smaller in size and weight than the Genki Audio, the Genki Audio Lite is also 70% slimmer than the older device and looks almost seamless when plugged into the USB-C port. The native USB-C port also means there's no charging needed; it works the moment it's plugged in.

It doesn't take to figure out the device. Its large white button is the only button on the device, and you can control everything with a few clicks. Press once to turn it on, hold it to sync with your headphones, and double-tap it to enable voice chat mode. It's simple and it works well. The Bluetooth 5.0 comes equipped with aptX high fidelity low latency codecs, which means you'll get the clearest audio without any distortion. The multi-color LED confirms what codec you're actively connected to, though it doesn't support two active connections simultaneously as the Genki Audio does.

I always appreciate a device that looks as good as it works.

I tried two different headphones, and they both worked perfectly. I even tried them under a few different conditions, including two trips on the New York Subway. I experienced clear game audio under all conditions, no matter if I was playing Rocket League, Civilization VI, or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Genki Audio Lite also comes in four different colors, each to match the common colors of the Nintendo Switch Lite. I got mine in yellow, and it looks great and matches the system's color really well. I always appreciate a device that looks as good as it works, and at $35, it's not going to break the bank either.

Some missing features and clumsy installation

Genki Audio Lite review: Some minor setbacks

Genki Audio Lite On Box

Genki Audio Lite On Box (Image credit: Zackery Cuevas / iMore)

Like the Nintendo Switch Lite cut features out of its own design to keep its cost down, the Genki Audio Lite trimmed some features offered in the Genki Audio. Besides only supporting one connection at a time, it does not come with a dock adapter for normal Switch users, though it fits just fine on the bottom of a Nintendo Switch. It also doesn't include a microphone like the Genki Audio, but you can use your headset mic with no problem. I don't think any of these issues are deal-breakers and hardly take away from your gameplay experience in the slightest, but they're worth mentioning.

The Genki Audio Lite trimmed some features offered in the Genki Audio.

What might be annoying is the Genki Audio Lite doesn't really work with other cases or covers. I use a simple silicon case to protect my Nintendo Switch Lite, and the adapter would not fit into the USB-C slot properly without removing the protective case. This will also be a problem if you already have a Nintendo Switch Lite carrying case or other Switch Lite covers. While Genki has an excellent Nintendo Switch Lite case called the Forcefield Lite made with the Genki Audio Lite in mind, that case will run you an additional $30. Again, it won't affect your gameplay experience, but having to remove your protective case is annoying, especially when you're on the go.

The competition

Genki isn't the only brand to recognize the glaring lack of Bluetooth on the Switch. The biggest competition might come from Genki itself. The Genki Audio is the full-fat version of their Bluetooth adapter and includes all of the Genki Audio Lite features. Of course, it doesn't look as good on the Switch Lite as the Genki Audio Lite does. Another excellent choice is the HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter for the Nintendo Switch. It includes all of the features missing from the Genki Audio Lite but comes in just slightly cheaper.

Genki Audio Lite review: Should you buy?

Genki Audio Close Up

Genki Audio Close Up (Image credit: Zackery Cuevas / iMore)

You should buy this…

If the Nintendo Switch Lite is your primary console

The Switch Lite offers a fantastic portable experience, and if it's your go-to system, the Genki Audio Lite is a must-own.

Aesthetic matters to you

I won't mince words — the Genki Audio Lite looks good on its own, and it's especially great on both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

If you own a high-quality pair of wireless headphones

You paid to cut the cord, so keep it cut with the Genki Audio Lite. Your Switch games will thank you for it.

You should not buy this…

If the Nintendo Switch is your primary console

While this device does work with the Nintendo Switch, it won't work without a dock adapter.

You are not ok with removing your case

Removing your case is annoying, especially if you're on the go.

After two dozen hours with the Genki Audio Lite, it has become one of my favorite Nintendo Switch Lite accessories, and essential if you want to use wireless headphones with your Nintendo Switch Lite. The build quality is great, the color is vibrant, and the device is easy to use. Plus, it's inexpensive and looks great partnered with the Forcefield Lite. The few cuts made to the feature set are nothing to cry about, though having to fully remove your Switch Lite case to use the device is a pain.

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