Get this 60x Monocular with smartphone clip for just $30!

Ever wish you could get right close to your subject when you're taking a photo on your phone, but you simply can't? The digital zoom on your phone might help a bit but you're never going to take a quality photo with digital zoom.

Get a 60x monocular for your smartphone!

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That's where this deal from iMore Digital Offers can come in real handy! You can get a 60x monocular with an included tripod and smartphone clip for only $29.99. You can use it as a standard monocular for sporting events or for getting an up close look at wildlife on a nature hike, or clip it over your phone for long-range photography.

With zoom options from 40x to 60x, you'll take photos you never thought possible! The included tripod helps to ensure that you get a steady shot from far away. Typically you'd expect to pay $100 for a monocular like this, but you'll save 70% with this deal from iMore Digital Offers. If you're serious about smartphone photography, this is a great accessory to add to your arsenal.

Save 70% with iMore Digital Offers!

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