Gmail for iPhone now allows users to save picture attachments

The Gmail for iPhone app received an update today that includes the long awaited ability to save picture attachments to your Camera Roll. It has also received performance enhancements that improve the animation and scrolling experience.

Personally, I don't use the Gmail app, so when I read that this update now lets you tap and hold a photo attachment to save it to your Camera Roll, I couldn't help but let out a little chuckle. This is a feature that has been standard in most apps for a very long time. To think that a mail client was lacking this ability until today is laughable.

Do you use the Gmail app for iPhone? If so, why? What makes it better than Apple's native Mail app?

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  • Leanna is so meannnnnnnnn.....
  • lol ;)
  • I use Mail since I've had more than one email provider. Also, I like Mail because my RSS feeds go directly into it. That's why I'm not sure yet if I'll update to Mountain Lion. I don't want to use a separate feeder. Really like that I can see my emails & feeds in the same location. Oh well, I guess this is progress.
  • I use Gmail app because Apple's native mail client do not send me notifications when email arrives. Is it ok?
  • You should get notifications with Apple's Mail app from gmail messages.
  • If you configure as Exchange it works....
  • I use gmail through the Mail app. I'm still not sure how the Gmail app is better than Mail, since I dont use labels.
  • Its funny this came up today...I was actually thinking about the same thing since I'm considering getting the new iphone over an Android... Funny enough the 'concern' I have really goes back to mail. I'm a Google Apps user so my mail is gmail based, and I do use labels quite a bit. Its important to my business workflow (being able to quickly identify issues). I have to say the gmail app on android is the only thing really holding me back right now... With that said, I love the ios mail app...but the labels is a total downer for me :( I's where Android annoys me (as a former iphone user and a current ipad user). pinch to zoom...only where it feels like it
    email rendering is horrible, can't really "move around"
    double tap to zoom in...ummm...its still tiny and I can't read anything, but if I do zoom in, I have to be constantly scrolling... So why, I love the gmail app, great when using a label workflow, and the search is second to none... but that's it...if the ios version was as robust...I'd probably change over... In conclusion...that's why I use the ios version :)
  • When in the name of technology will the folks at Google start listening to their users! Dear Google...the freaking fonts are TOO SMALL for anyone to read unless you're less than 25 years old or have perfect vision. Uhhh...I guess that's the demographic in which their developers fit. Seriously...PLEASE fix the fonts, which is probably a lot easier than allowing it to save a picture to the picture roll (whoopee)...another feature that duplicates something else I can already do ten other ways.
  • People still use Gmail Apps?
  • I tried it out for a second time but since you still can not send to a distribution list it ended up like the last version, deleted!!
  • I use Gmail since it is somewhat better than Apple's mail for Gmail, which is the only mail I use. Both Gmail and Apple's mail need some new features such as sending to a distribution list and being able to reply or forward an e-mail and not just "reply all".