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Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet for Apple Watch review: Gorgeous jewelry band

Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet for Apple Watch
(Image: © Karen Freeman/iMore)

Our Verdict

Bottom line: I'm in love with this link bracelet, which is more jewelry than Apple Watch band.


  • Stunning good looks
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Made to fit any size or generation Apple Watch
  • Three color options
  • Easy to remove links to adjust size; no tools needed
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Pricey

Who says the Apple Watch has to have a band that looks like, well, a watch band? Goldenerre takes the link bracelet to the next level with this elegant bracelet band.


Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet for Apple Watch

Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet for Apple Watch (Image credit: Karen Freeman/iMore)

If you've been looking for something different, not your ordinary Apple Watch band, take a look at Goldenerre's Classic Link Bracelet for Apple Watch. The stylized circle links are shiny, nickel-free solid stainless steel and feel quite substantial without being bulky or heavy on the wrist. Each circle is gently curved to hug the wrist, so the band lays flat and doesn't get in the way. In fact, this is one of the more comfortable bands I've owned. It feels like quality, and the adaptors are excellent and work the way they should.

The band comes with four removable links. Use just one or use all four, depending on what size wrist you have. The band will fit wrists from 5.25 to 7.5 inches around. If you have a larger wrist and need more links, you can reach out to Goldenerre for extras. I use just one link for a perfect fit; my wrist is on the smaller side. One of the links has GOLDENERRE engraved in tiny lettering. Of course, if you don't like the branding, you can simply remove that link and use the others instead.

Goldenerre's Classic Link Bracelet became an immediate favorite the moment I put it on my wrist.

Some of the more delicate Apple Watch bands can make the Apple Watch itself look disproportionally large, but this is not the case with the Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet. The width of the band is just slightly less than the width of the Apple Watch, so it holds its own visually. Yet the link style is open and airy, which gives the Apple Watch a lighter, more delicate feel than the typical Apple Watch band. This is an elevated jewelry look, not a fitness band look.

You could really wear this band anywhere, even the gym, as the stainless steel has been quality tested to resist moisture and abrasion. I probably won't wear this band for my workouts; for me, it's better suited for dressier occasions. The Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet looks amazing with formal wear, business wear, and more casual attire. The band fits any generation Apple Watch and comes in both the 38/40mm and 42/44mm sizes. Choose from three colors of stainless steel: Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold.

Practically perfect in every way

I don't think I could design an Apple Watch band I love more than this one if I tried. It's super comfortable, has no rough edges that can get caught on arm hair or clothing, stays securely in place on my wrist, and is simply gorgeous. The design is not only pretty but functional, with slightly curved circle links to hug the wrist. Adjusting for size is so easy, and no tools are needed to add and remove links. If it's not your cup of tea, it's not, but personally, I love it. I could wear it every day, and I definitely would if I didn't have such a large collection of Apple Watch bands that I also enjoy. The Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet will go with just about any outfit, from athleisure to formalwear.

Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet for Apple Watch

Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet for Apple Watch (Image credit: Karen Freeman/iMore)


The only critique I can think of that this is not a cheap band. Sure, you can find cheaper bands out there, and some of them are nice quality too. All I can tell you is that this is one of the nicest bands I own.

Quality and elegance

The Goldenerre Classic Link Bracelet is a high-quality nickel-free stainless steel band that elevates the Apple Watch from health and fitness tracker to fashion statement jewelry. The curved, round links hug your wrist. Easily adjust the band from 5.25 to 7.5 inches by adding and removing links, no tools needed. If you need more links to fit your wrist properly, Goldenerre will send you more. This gorgeous band comes in three colors and both Apple Watch sizes.

Karen S Freeman
Karen S Freeman

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