Good Weather for iPhone review

Good Weather is a super cute weather app for the iPhone that not only informs you about the weather, but also includes fun games that coincide with the current weather conditions. Is it sunny outside? Then see how high you can bounce the sun off the clouds. Is it lightly snowing? The blast away the clouds with by shooting them from your super cloud. The weather has never been so fun!

The main screen of Good Weather is a solid color that represents the current weather condition, and in the center, is a cute little graphic and information about the weather. In the upper lefthand corner, the location and temperature is displayed, and when tapped, converts to a 5-day forecast. Multiple locations can be saved and Good Weather even includes neverland, oz, and winterfell as locations for fun.

What really sets Good Weather apart from other weather apps is that it's also a game! Actually, more than 30 games. At the bottom of the screen is a pulsating "tap to play" button that's just begging to be tapped. These games are directly related to the current weather conditions and are little arcade games. For example, one game is a Doodle Jump like game where you must bounce the sun off clouds as high as possible. In another game, you must tap the snowflakes to keep them from falling off the screen. There are over 30 different games that are fun and addicting. Good Weather saves your scores on a Game Board so you can see which games you've played and what your high score on each one is.

The good

  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Current weather conditions including temperature, description, wind speed, humidity, and chance for rain
  • 5 day forecast including high, low, and descriptive graphic
  • More than 30 different mini-games associated with the weather
  • Games are quick, yet fun addicting
  • Includes weather for neverland, oz, and winterfell
  • Save multiple locations
  • Support for Celsius and Fahrenheit

The bad

  • Some complain of inaccurate weather (accurate for me)

The bottom line

Good weather is both a great looking weather app and a fun little game. It's basically like having two apps in one -- for free!

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