GoodReader adds VoiceOver compatibility, other accessibility features in update

One of the most versatile document editors for the iPhone and iPad, GoodReader, has picked up accessibility features in a new update that makes it more convenient for users with visual or reading disabilities access documents on the go. Included in the update to version 4.8.1 is compatibility with Apple's VoiceOver, which along with GoodReader's own text-to-speech utility, called Speak, allows users to listen to documents in their preferred language.

Users also have the ability to select how fast the text is read aloud. GoodReader mentions that its own text-to-speech service is different from the functionality offered by VoiceOver:

The difference between VoiceOver and the "Speak" option in GoodReader is a text-to-speech feature simply reads out highlighted text, while VoiceOver is specifically designed for visually impaired users and reads aloud anything they need, including window names and menu details. With VoiceOver, a user can move their finger across the screen and the app will audibly read what is supposed to be seen there - the names of the buttons, the items in the menus, and the names of the files and folders.Using "Speak," users press on a blank section of a document and are presented with options for reading the document to them – including volume, language and speed controls.

In addition to the accessibility features, GoodReader offers a robust set of tools for editing and managing large documents that include:

  • PDF Page Management - add, rearrange, delete, rotate, extract and email individual pages, split and merge files
  • PDF Page Slider now shows page previews
  • icon view for file browser, with larger previews
  • collapsible tool area on the main screen
  • true Auto Sync - background and scheduled execution

The app is also universal, meaning that you buy it once, and use across all your iOS devices. GoodReader 4.8.1 is available from the link below.

Harish Jonnalagadda

The clumsiest man in tech.