Google adds an undo bar to Gmail mobile web app

Google has announced a small improvement to its Gmail mobile web experience. Starting today you now have an undo bar that allows you to undo certain actions.

Sometimes when I’m using Gmail on my phone, I delete a message by mistake or label it incorrectly. Sure I can fish the message out of my Trash or remove the label and apply the correct one, but that takes several steps. Even just a few seconds is usually enough time to catch those annoying mistakes.

The four undo actions allowed are archive, delete, add or remove a label, or move a message / conversation. When you carry out one of the actions, Gmail will display a yellow bar at the bottom of your screen with an undo option. The bar stays in position even when you navigate to other screens within the Gmail web app.

Do any of our readers use Gmail in mobile Safari? Is this a handy improvement? Let us know in the comments!

[Google Mobile Blog]


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