Google Apps and Gmail experiencing outages. Zombie apocalypse still not nigh.

Looks like Google Apps and Gmail are having some issues today, with tons of you telling us you're experiencing problems of one type or another. For my part, I'm getting authentication errors, but then I use Gmail in Yeah. Google Apps Status Dashboard is showing it's not us, it's them.

Here's the thing to remember: Every online service goes down from time to time. iCloud goes down. Microsoft goes down. Amazon goes down. BlackBerry goes down. Google is certainly, historically, better than most, but there's just so much complexity to the cloud that a few bumps along the way are bound to happen.

So, if you're a Google user and you're just not able to use Google right now, let us know what problems you're seeing in the comments, and when it starts working for you again.

And between the two, grab a cup of coffee, get some fresh air, and watch or listen to some of our podcasts. That's why we make them.