Google stacks Gmail for iPad

Google continues to rapidly reincarnate their iPad Gmail web app, this time introducing Apple Mail-style stacks into the mix. Back when the iPad optimized version of Gmail was launched, Google emphasized their new code base would allow for just this kind of fast feature development, and now hot on the heels of the new compose screen, stacks will allow for easier grouping and organizing of mail. They also gave Google's team a chance to play with CSS transitions to try and get closer in look and feel to native apps.

Our question is -- how many of you are using Gmail via the web browser on iPad rather than via GoogleSync or IMAP in the native mail app? Are the extra features like labels and star worth the lack of notification and native performance?

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Native app for me via IMAP (Google Sync too slow last time I tried, but works well for Calendar and Contacts sync).
    Where there is ever a native version of a web-based service, the web-based version will have to provide some really outstanding features in my opinion in order to sway people from the native version, to compensate for the annoyance of having to load the browser and deal with all the limitations that web sites have over native apps.
  • Reeder is much better i think...
  • I use Gmail via web instead of natively because my wife and I share the iPad, but all the native apps are synced to her accounts for simplicity's sake. She uses it more than I do, so it works out for us. When I'm on the iPad and need to check my email, I use the web interface and it works out nicely.
  • I use the native app. The web interface is nice but I just would not use it. Hope the combined inbox comes to the native app soon though.
  • I use the web interface. I couldn't live without gmail's search. I have multiple accounts, and this is a shameless plug but I wrote an app that makes working with multiple accounts easier. [iTunes Link]
  • And of course, like with everything else Google does with Gmail, it only works if you're using US English. I don't recall when last they updated the other localizations. Even the iPhone slide to Delete still doesn't work except for US English.
  • It's a tossup. But basically it still sucks that Apple doesn't allow 3rd party native mail apps even when their functionality is clearly well beyond the built-in crap.
  • Well, I use both the native and web app. The thing is I get calendar invites which the native app cannot handle (ics file) but the native app does IF you switch to HTML mode to open and add to calendar (but much else doesn't work in HTML mode so you have to switch out of it). I cannot understand for the life of me why Apple doesn't natively support 'ics' files for calendaring. Any suggestions how to fix this?
  • I use the built in email client, but it is nice for my girlfriend to pick it up and use the web app for her email.
  • I use both. If there's a feature I need (like search or an email address that's only in my gmail contacts) I fire up the webapp. For checking all my email accounts and normal tasks, it's much easier to use the native app.
  • I use gmail on mi iPad. I rely on my stars & labels. I prefer the lack of notifications so I am not tempted to check my email so often.
  • "Google continues to rapidly iterated their iPad Gmail web app"
    Do you always make spelling and grammar mistakes? I don't think I've read a post of yours yet that didn't have some basic error.
    Thanks the for articul Rene but next tyme speling checks is.
  • The native mail app is crap...
    I don't understand why i cant set restrictions on it like the rest... The whole family uses my iPad,from kids to my mum when shes around.
    password protection on the mail app is so needed...
  • As a user who's chosen to go with the google cloud including fulltime use of gdocs, gmail, calendar, contacts, etc - what are my options for a good solid solution using the iPad.
    My wife was so nice to give me an iPad for Christmas, but I honestly don't know what to do with it. Seems like sync with Google is less than straight foward.
  • Bill: I also got iPad for Christmas and even though it is good it does has drawbacks. I intend to keep in the house and use it for reading PDFs that I saved through browsing, for email, casual browsing, a few puzzle games - all can be done from the comfort of your sofa. It's excellent for a sheet music reader which i intend to scan my sheet music into PDFs. Being instant on and off, totally silent, it is has the conveniece of an appliance, which it is, so that I have alot less need to turn my computer on. This tablet form factor can only get better. Remember this is a first generation product and it's still very good. Just enjoy it.
  • It's useless if you have a laptop ? Am I missing something? It offers nothing that my mini has;really disappointed. Was hoping to use it for mail, presentations, some spreadsheets, real basic stuff but at every attempt to achieve a goal I find limitations. Correct me if I am wrong, I have one for sale otherwise.(see can't even back space when I left out a letter)