Google updates Gmail web app with Retina display support and pull down to refresh

Google has updated its web app for Gmail with the inclusion of pull down to refresh, new transitions and updated icons to take advantage of the Retina display of the iPhone 4.

  • You can now pull down to refresh your message list and conversation on all iOS devices. To refresh, simply touch the message list, drag downwards and release.
  • For those of you using Gmail for mobile on an iPhone 4 Retina display, the icons and graphics are now at a higher resolution, making Gmail for mobile sharper.
  • When you tap on a conversation, tap back to the inbox, go to the menu or go back, the view will slide left or right. This new transition animation is a quick, small indication that makes the view change feel smoother.

If you do use the Gmail web app for your mail, make sure to take a look at the new features. I personally never use the Web app and have all my mail pushed using Gmail and its Exchange Server functionality.

[The Official Gmail Blog]


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