Deal: Unlimited Calls, Text and 10GB of 4G LTE data for $20 per month

In the U.S., between the Big Four carriers, it's become a game of race to the top — with that top being unlimited data.

But most people don't need unlimited data. In fact, most Americans don't use more than a couple of gigabytes per month, and even the top percentage rarely go over 10GB. 1

That's why Mint Mobile is such a great value proposition. The idea is simple: by signing up for three months of service at a time, you save money every month.

For a limited time, get 10GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts, for $20 per month!

Here's the lowdown on Mint Mobile: It cuts through the BS of "unlimited" to provide exactly what you need at a price that no one can match. The company uses T-Mobile's extensive 4G LTE network that covers most of the country in ultra-fast wireless connectivity. And premium features like inexpensive international roaming and free Wi-Fi are available, too, so you don't miss out.

You could be paying just $20 per month for 10GB of wireless data!

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1 Data collected independently by Mobile Nations between June 2016 and September 2016.

John Daug