Video of iPhone 5 dummy at IFA 2012

We've seen case manufacturers put together dummy Apple products before, and while they're not always perfectly accurate, they can often be based on actual parts or specs smuggled out of the supply line. The above video was filmed at IFA 2012 and shows a quick hands-on with one such dummy, in this case an iPhone 5 by GSM Israel News.

Take it as an approximation of what the iPhone 5 might look and handle like, but don't take it as anything more than that.

The video shows the iPhone 5 dummy in an unmarked skin case. Once removed, it looks pretty much identical to the assembled parts leaks we've seen shown off previously, complete with iPhone identifier and markings on the back. It remains taller, with a 4-inch, 16:9 screen and a centered FaceTime Camera. And it remains primarily metal-backed, with RF-friendly glass sections above and below so it can connect to networks and other devices via cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The 3.5mm headphone jack remains at the bottom, and the new, miniaturized Dock connector is in full view. As is a curious little oblong between the rear, iSight camera and the LED flash.

Update: Our own Alex Dobie and Richard Devine have now had some hands-on time with the iPhone 5 dummy live at IFA 2012. Here are their hands-on impressions:

While the unit we saw was a non-functional dummy, if the specs it's based upon are indeed accurate to the release hardware, it repeats several aspects of the product's design that have previously been reported based on parts and other leaks.This iPhone 5 dummy is approximately as wide as the current 4S, only taller, and sporting a widescreen display. There's a smaller home button underneath. The fake front on the Home screen sports five rows of icons on account of the extra real estate. As iMore reported earlier, there's a new, smaller Dock connector down below, in addition to a 3.5mm headphone jack. The bottom face of the design is peppered with a large speaker grille, alongside those other components. Around the back, there's a brushed metal rear panel decorated with a shiny Apple logo.Essentially, again, it looks like every leak we've seen over the past several months. The pictures we've seen from factory leaks and other sources are an almost exact match for the dummy device we saw today.While nothing with Apple is ever truly final until it's held up on stage, if this dummy is based on accurate information, does indeed look like we're in for a widescreen iPhone with a new dock connector and a redesigned chassis in just a few weeks.

Update 2: We've swapped out the Hebrew language video with the English version they've just posted. Enjoy.

Update 3: may have scored some time with a similar unit. (Only one Home screen is shown in both pictures, so it's hard to tell if it's more than just another dummy/mock up/assembly.)

Update 4: According to, mockups just like the above, which is apparently causing all sorts of fun over on the Chinese microblogs, aren't that hard to find in China. Translated:

In conclusion, as already mentioned, examples similar to the one seen are sold in some online store in China, with an adhesive screen that mimics iOS [photo below], in convenient plastic bags.

September 12 is less than 2 weeks away. Thank goodness.

Source: GSM Israel News, via @jameshilltaiwan,

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  • Fascinating, looks cool. I want to see the black one - hopefully Apple doesn't go for the gray metal back, doesn't look nice but atleast it isn't glass and shaters everytime someone drops It...
  • The glass doesn't shater when you drop it. I've had my 4 for 3 years and I've dropped it from ever height imaginable. and i'm almost 6 feet tall
  • Same here.. I drop mine sometimes I'm a little scared to check it afterwards but it's in pretty great condition considering.
  • you've dropped it from 10,000 ft? yes, i just imagined that. but i've never had mine break either. :P
  • I have. In a manner of speaking.
  • The back looks nice but if this turns out to be the real thing then its disappointing that Apple did not change the face. They could have went with edge to edge screen and/or possibly shrinking the bezel at the top and bottom then this could have been an exciting design.
  • Why don't people realize there won't be an edge to edge for a reason?? I'm so tired of hearing this stupid idea. The bezel is one of the most important parts about a smartphone, because if you are to hold it in one hand your palm touches that area. Logically think about it. I do agree though on the top and bottom wanting to be smaller, but I can imagine Apple needs as much space as possible if trying to cram so much stuff in a thinner phone.
  • I love my iPads, but if this is the new phone then yuck.
    I'll move on to WP8.
  • Thats what i've been saying
  • Two week!!!!!
  • If I have said it once I've said it a thousand times. There's no way this is the new phone. I guarantee the new iPhone will be a total overhaul. It will have a totally different body both front to back, up and down side to side. No way in hell will it resemble any of the old iPhones.
  • I hope you are right.
  • I don't know. This guy pretty much nailed the 4S last year, and it looks like the leaks are right.
  • It's a fake like all of the other alleged leaked iPhone parts pics and vids. Apple Legal would be all over this and the others if it were real. Sneaking parts out of a company supply chain amounts to industrial espionage and that's illegal. So don't be too shocked if the new iPhone doesn't look anything like any of these pics or vids. They're all fake.
  • How come Apple didn't sue anybody over iPhone 4 pics ?! ;)
  • If this is what Tim Cook means by "doubling-down on secrecy", then he's failing - BADLY.
  • That's what I was thinking. This phone has had way more leaks than anything in the past. Hopefully all the leaks are fakes.
  • The company has to make tens of millions of these things to be ready on release day. I don't think it'd be humanly possible not to have some smuggled out. They are pretty small devices after all. Apple's army of factory workers aren't cartel drug laborers. They don't work in their underwear and get cavity searched every time they leave the factory floor.
  • I don't care whether its real or not. It simply needs to have a larger screen. If not...then I won't be getting one probably.
  • I sold my iPhone 4s 4 weeks ago and got a larger screen Galaxy S3. I've been keeping a journal of all the good and bad things I have observed since the change. One thing that surprised me was that the larger screen size just wasn't worth the inherent uncomfortableness of holding a larger form factor. My hands are average size. I could not find a way to hold on to the S3 for more than even 3 minutes (especially in landscape orientation) without starting to wonder about the long term impact on my hands. I have heard talk about the iPhone being the ideal size to fit in your hand, but dismissed it as a minor issue. It isn't. I now understand why the iPhone 5 will be taller and not wider. I am going to hold on to the S3 for a couple more months and then go back to the iPhone 5 (supply allowing). As for the video, its fake. the headphone jack at the bottom does not appear to be a real hole. also Apple's minimalist style would not allow them to draw an extra decorative circle around the rear facing camera. And why else would they refuse to turn the phone on?
  • Exactly this. After having an iPhone 4 for a long time I decided to get the Galaxy Nexus to see if I wanted the next iPhone or the next Nexus. After using it for some time now (don't get me wrong the Android OS has gotten REALLY good since the Jelly Bean update) I can't stand the phone. The screen size, although big and convenient to watch videos or browse the web, was just impossible to use with one hand. Even pulling down the notification bar took slightly more effort needed than I would have imagined. I doubted Apple's decision on a taller screen (ASSUMING the rumors are true), but I can totally understand now why.
  • Actually, my problem with the S3 is not that I can't one-hand it. I don't mind using two hands. My problem is that I experienced physical discomfort if I hold it for any longer than 2-3 minutes. The longer and more often I hold it, the worse it is. In extreme cases (when reading a book) I find myself doing hand stretching exercises to deal with it. This is something I never had with the iPhone. That extra little stretch to grab the phone makes a difference. And while I thought I would love the huge screen, it doesn't make that big a difference. By the way, I also find that the S3 cannot be set as bright or as vivid as my 4s. I have been watching movie trailers along side iPhone 4 and found that the S3 loses a great deal of detail in the shadow/contrast even when brightness settings were maxed out. I am actually shocked. I really expected a similar experience or even conquerable given the larger screen size.
  • Your post is revealing. The S3 is supposed to be Samsung's Flagship device, it's supposed to be able to go toe to toe with the iPhone, but the screen isn't even close in terms of sharpness or brightness. If this is any indication, Apple is still leap years ahead of the competition. They will continue to sell many iPhones. Btw - the HTC One X has a better screen than the Galaxy S3. Just look at the two side by side, the colors are much more accurate. Personally I own the HTC Amaze and Galaxy S2 which are both 1 generation removed from the current. The HTC Amaze's screen beats the Galaxy S2 both in terms of sharpness (by a lot, it has more ppi) and color accuracy. The S2 puts out a greenish hue. If you know the history of why Samsung made their screens bigger, you know it had nothing to do with the fact that they wanted a better experience. If you Google it, you'll discover it had to do with screen resolution. They had to make the screen bigger or the icons would have looked too small or too huge and they would not have been spaced proportionally.
  • All I can say is if this IS the iPhone5 color my UNIMPRESSED. Bad enough the software except for some function is unchanged. The hardware is now staid and boring. If this is their best then they have truly fallen behind.
  • Tell me now exactly why are they behind?
  • Is this Apple's answer to all the large screen phones on the market? This is ugly. It's like a remote. I'd prefer it to remain 3.5 inches unless they have something really special.
    By the way sim holder on the side has no hole.
  • the camera looks smaller
  • If the next iphone looks nothing like this i will rejoice from the bottom of my lungs. Although i am not tired of the iphone 4 style i am tired of not having a bigger screen. I surely hope apple would not put this out and if they do i hope that they sell less than 1k of them
  • I'm gonna say that oval area between the back camera and the led light is going to be a MICROPHONE. It makes perfect sense if your recording with the back camera to have a MIC there to record your sound. This MIC could be used also for noise cancellation when you are talking on the phone since the front of the phone will be facing your cheek when talking and this MIC will be facing away from you. Anyways.... that's just my thoughts.
  • I also noticed the noise cancellation MIC that used to be on the top is no longer there. So I'm gonna stick with my guess that the oval hole between the camera and led is the cancellation MIC and possible MIC when recording from the back camera.
  • It is fake ... I HOPE SO!
  • It's a real fake thats for sure!
    The CE mark on the back of the phone is too close. per regulations, if you make the "C" into a circle it should overlap the left part of the "E"
    Someone that made the labeling on the back obviously didn't check the requirements of the european CE mark regulations.
    It would have be more believable if it were it's just a spoof
  • Pause the video at 22sec and then compare to the CE mark on the back of your iPhone or any device
  • What you see on the back of this phone is not the European Conformance CE mark, but an alleged China Export mark used by Chinese manufactures. The only difference in the markings is the spacing. Like you, I believe this to be a fake.
  • Yeah it does say dummy but the douche in the video acts like its the real deal. He says, a, they asked not to turn it on. Yeah right. Lolz
  • It's fugly !
  • I have no problem with the design. It's not that big a difference from the current design. I don't understand why y'all are complaining. If you think this design is ugly then the 4S (and 4) is ugly too because they aren't that different. I wonder about the implications for the iPod Touch. That's what I really want. If the iPod Touch will look like this, then I'd like to get one. The iPod Touch has been a number one seller on Amazon for long time. It would be nice to have a wider screen for games and movies. It's also not surprising to me that Apple would go conservative with the new iPhone. This isn't Steve Jobs pulling the strings anymore. It's Tim Cook. He's a geek, a numbers guy who specializes in Supply-Chain Management. He doesn't know about high class design or how to make the next gizmo that will change our lives. You can probably expect a lot more of the same, and a lot less "Wow" with Cook at the helm.
  • I'm sure this is all that need be said: