How do these guys do this? A mobile hotspot for $20 with free high-speed Wi-Fi

At first, dedicated mobile hotspots may not seem like something most smartphone owners have a particular need to invest in. After all, so many businesses offer Wi-Fi and your phone can act as a hotspot in a pinch. However, there's still a compelling case to be made for a dedicated hotspot device and plan, especially when data for them can be ridiculously cheap or free with the right provider. In most cases you need to save your phone's battery for the rest of your day, not to mention spare your mobile monthly data bucket. Whether you need to keep a high speed online connection on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or all of the above, there's certainly a time and a place for a mobile hotspot, and we may have found the best deal yet.

FreedomPop is offering free no-contract internet service on their 4G hotspots as a limited-time promo. 2.5 GB is included free for the first month, and all it costs is $20 for the hotspot; they'll even take care of shipping and toss in rollover data and enhanced security.

After the first month, it's just $18 for the 2 GB plan, but keep in mind you can downgrade your plan whenever you want without a penalty and still get 500 MB for free. The hotspot runs on Sprint's network, so you'll want to check to make sure you're in a coverage zone.

Let's take a quick look at the alternatives to see how this offer stacks up. Verizon's cheapest hotspot is $150 off-contract, and their cheapest plan is $50/month for 4GB (which includes $20 for "monthly line access", whatever that's supposed to mean). Meanwhile AT&T charges $150 for their cheapest hotspot and only gives 250MB for $15. Even on Sprint, the network on which FreedomPop operates, you'll pay $35 for GB and their pre-owned hotspots go for $50 off-contract. The closest you'll get is on T-Mobile, which currently offers 1GB for $10/month, and 3GB for $20, and a hotspot that's just a little under $100.

With all of that said, FreedomPop's $18/month for 2GB and $20 for the hotspot is the best deal you'll get after your free trial.

If you're like us and are constantly surrounded by Wi-Fi devices and need a single, dedicated internet source without worrying about killing your phone battery or monthly data limit, this is a good way to do it.

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