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Best answer: Ring Fit Adventure is not like Wii Fit at all. Ring Fit Adventure focuses more on the RPG and battle elements of the game that are powered by exercise, whereas Wii Fit was more about exercise mini-games.

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Ring Fit Adventure is more about the game than the exercise

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With Ring Fit Adventure, the best way to look at it is to think of it as an RPG game first and foremost. The Adventure mode has a story, levels with objectives, battles with enemies, items, gold coins, crafting, equipment, and even side quests — all of these are the parts that make a good RPG game. However, the Ring Fit Adventure requires two unique accessories for your Joy-Cons that make you move and exercise to progress in the game.

But because of this RPG part of Ring Fit Adventure, it makes the exercising part fun for those who live more sedentary lifestyles. It's much more satisfying to jog-in-place and see your on-screen character moving forward in an obstacle course. Plus, it's fun to see damage dealt to enemies by just exercising.

With Wii Fit, it was more about the exercises, rather than having fun. Most activities only focused on the user's center of balance (COB) and posture. The mini-games featured yoga, strength training, aerobics, and balancing, and Wii Fit was even used for physiotherapy rehabilitation and in health clubs. For those who love to game rather than exercise, Wii Fit may not have been the most motivational exercise game option to get some people moving. Plus, Wii Fit was also criticized for lack of intensity in some of the workout activities, which is the opposite of Ring Fit Adventure.

Ring Fit Adventure has a ton of variety and customization

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Even if you aren't into the RPG element of Ring Fit Adventure, there are still a ton of options available in the game for you to get your daily exercise. Ring Fit Adventure lets players create their own custom workout sets to do, or you can opt for mini-games that focus on a particular muscle. A recent update also added a rhythm game mode, so you can move to the beat of classic Nintendo game tunes.

Instead of focusing on just COB and posture like Wii Fit, Ring Fit Adventure emphasizes putting all of your muscles to work. For example, jogging in Adventure mode to make your way through a level would be doing cardio, but the exercise sets you take can focus on upper or lower strength, yoga, and more. And the best part is that once you unlock more exercises, you can just take the ones that you prefer doing into a level (but variety is key), rather than being forced to do exercises you don't always like.

So even if you don't care for the adventure in Ring Fit Adventure, you still have plenty of options to get your workout done at home. And if you feel that it's too easy, just up the difficulty level — you'll be working up a good sweat!

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Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure

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With Ring Fit Adventure, you can exercise as you see fit from the convenience of your own home. You can battle enemies by exercising in the Adventure mode, or do custom workout sets and play mini-games to strengthen your muscles. There's a lot more variety and fun to be had in Ring Fit Adventure than Wii Fit, so give it a try if you didn't care for Wii Fit much.

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