Wolf wallpapers so great they'll have you howling at the moon!

Game of Thrones has made wolves super popular again. But you don't have to be a member of House Stark to have a wolf wallpaper all your own. You just have to scroll down, pick your favorite, save it, and then select it in Settings!

Autumnal Wolf by Justin Maller

Mesmerizing wolf

We've seen quite a few Facets wallpapers over the last few years, with many of the best coming from Justin Maller, and his Autumnal Wolf wallpaper is no exception. This wallpaper was recommended by one of our forums moderators, Aquila, and we hope more of you suggest wallpapers in the future!

Autumnal Wolf by Justin Maller{.cta .large}

Wolves by wazzy88

Hey, Mama, can we go hunt some rabbits?

This feels like it should be airbrushed on a van somewhere.. or on your home screen, where it can be seen even more often! These wolves look positively electrifying, and there's no shortage of other awesome wolfish artwork on wazzy88's deviantart gallery, including an awesome composition of Okami.

Wolves by wazzy88

White Wolves by GaudiBuendia

Try to get in here. Just try.

While this wallpaper has more of an autumn look to it, it's a work that also makes me curious. What are these beauties guarding? What secrets are behind that door? Is it a massive library with ancient mystical scrolls? A council meeting where war plans are being decided? IS IT FULL OF TASTY TREATS? I need to know!

White Wolves by GaudiBuendia

7 Days to the Wolves by Calmari

Howl at the moon

This monochromatic poster lets your apps and shortcuts pop against it, or it can add an elegance to a beautiful natural composition. The layering of the wolves also adds a depth and a mysticism to the wallpaper. And tell me those eyes aren't just boring into your soul and laying it bare. Go on, say it. Can't do it, can you?

7 Days to the Wolves by Calmari{.cta .large}

Quiet Arctic Wolf by Nashoba67

What are you doing?

Some wolves want to go howl at the moon and chase some deer down or fight for dominance... and then there are wolves that look at all of the that and say 'Nope. I got a rock, I'm good'. Look at those crossed paws, so dainty! But the expression is what really sells this. It's just a look that can cut a man in half (to say nothing of those teeth): What in Okami's name do you think you're doing? It's a nice day, why you gotta ruin that with your barking?

Quiet Arctic Wolf by Nashoba67

Ara Wagoner