Glowing Apple logo mod for your iPhone now available

If you have an extra $40 dollars burning a hole in your wallet and around 10-15 minutes of free time, K.O Gadget Store has an awesome mod available that gives you a glowing back logo for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The logo lights up whenever the front screen is turned on, and stays illuminated for 15 seconds after you put your iPhone to sleep. It even lights up when you're holding the phone up to your ear while on a call!

The mod is fairly easy to install based on the video instructions from their website, and the end results are pretty stellar. It's as easy as removing the 2 screw on the bottom of the iPhone using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, then sliding the back panel off by pressing up with your thumbs. Installing the illuminated logo is the only tricky part, but even those with little skill can accomplish the task.

It's a great companion to your MacBook Pro, and they even include the required tools necessary to complete the installation. Check out the instructional video below!

UPDATE: Their site is currently down while they upgrade their servers to handle all the orders. If you manage to snag one, let us know!

Source: K.O Gadget Store

Andrew Wray is a Salt Lake City, Utah based writer who focuses on news, how-tos, and jailbreak. Andrew also enjoys running, spending time with his daughter, and jamming out on his guitar. He works in a management position for Unisys Technical Services, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation.

  • Is this a tutorial on how to accidentally ruin my iPhone?
  • no, it is a tutorial on how to purposely ruin your iphone.
  • Aweful "instructional" video because his hand covers all the imporant steps and components that need to be disconnected.
  • Their Website is overseas and scares the cr@* out of me I stopped my purchase before entering in personal and payment info.
  • PayPal is the safest way to order from overseas ;)
  • There are scary people outside the US huh? Do the big bad foreign people scare you? You need someone to protect you cupcake?
  • I betcha Georgia is happy!! :)
  • lol. I thought the same thing when it popped up on the front page!
  • wonder what this will do to battery life
  • my iphone isnot charging nor connecting to itune... there is some problem with the connecting doc. :(
  • Please don't hijack -- check out the forums if you're having trouble, I'm sure you'll find a fix from searching. If you need to create a new post, go for it. Lots of helpful folks in there :) >>
  • you know, since the website is down, if you can send in your phone to have the mod done?
  • Send it in and wish your phone goodbye.
  • No, they won't perform the modification for you unfortunately. The kit comes with everything you need, including the tools and instructions along with the video posted on their website.
  • Please could u gimme a link from where i could purchase the kit for my iphone 5s!
  • What a lousy video. The guy's hands obscured everything he did except remove the back cover. Do it again with the camera facing the guy.
  • listen Jay if your brain its smart enough,you would do more research about the product before buying it.This mod clearly specificed that they will provide a* clear video detailed tutorial with the mod,when it shipped in the package.Allright my friend,so no to worry,but I didnt even complained about the video no having clear tutorial,because my brain smart enough to figured out what he is doing.Good day.
  • Hope the operation on his fingers was succesful
  • most important question, DOES IT VOID APPLECARE?
  • More important...don't tell apple and change it back if you break it lol
  • I have bought a few things from this store my most recent order was shipped incomplete by mistake and they fixed it no questions asked.
    I can understand the fear but this site has been 100% on the level in my dealing with them
  • Awesome video of the back of some guys hands. GENIUS. Next up, a video from a different angle featuring the back of his head.
  • Bonus points for posting a video on iPhones that's not viewable on an iPhone.
  • That's an "instructional" video? If that's the best they can do, I am not interested! It's also not an accurate "copy" of the Apple logo.
  • Dude that's no copy...he used the exact same back plate.
    The video you've seen is done deliberately hiding some important details from our competitors. You will receive a very detailed instructional video in disc that comes w the package
  • Nice. So as a competitor all I have to do is order the kit!!! Brilliant!!
  • More like how to void your warranty.
  • i found a UK supplier :D they provide a free fitiing to locals or anyone who wants it fitted.. Just pre-ordered I can't wait
    :D :D !!!!!
    Any1 fitted it yet ? Any good ? Been told it is the same quality as the Apple back??
  • The Hogwarts school motto is Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus that's Latin for "Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon.”
  • I have the mod the back plate is a problem and KO Gadget knows this and is working to get a better replacment.
    In the mean time they are sending me a replacment kit as long as the back plate edges are securely attached to the frame I will be happy I have worked quite a bit and I have a working mod but I have to use a number to hold down the edges of the backplate and prevent light leakage but the overall effect is awesome and it really attracts quite a bit of attention.
    It will be nice when I get a new led so I can remove the extra pad I needed to stop it from flickering (my light pad developed a faulty connection) BUT as I mentioned in a previous post I have dealt with KO Gadget on at least three prior purchases and only 1 time was there an issue and they made it right no questions asked and they are doing the same with the parts issues I had with this Mod.
    So I still have full confidence in them they take care of their customers and I am certain they will address the shortcomings in this kit and make it right for everyone.
  • I meant bumper not number how would a number hold down the edges....also I forgot to mention the video in the promo was bad but I think that was done to stop others from coping the kit and beating KO to market once you get the kit it gives you a link to a much better step by step video which is quite good I did this mod with considerable easy,issues not withstanding, and it is easily reversible
  • i think the most important question is..........
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  • [IMG][/IMG]
  • Nice Concept! :)
  • Growing apple logo is booming.... visit for more information
  • I have a question. Would I be able to do this to my iPad? Or.... No? And if so, would it be the same way? Or would different things have to happen?