iPhone 12 mini Home screenSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple roped Illusionist Zach King into making a cool new TikTok ad for iPhone 12 mini.
  • King helps make a few things smaller with a touch, including an iPhone 12.

We already knew that iPhone 12 mini was an iPhone 12 but smaller. But did you know that it's literally an iPhone 12 that's been shrunken down? And it turns out illusionist Zach King is the man behind it all.

OK, probably not, but that's the premise from this pretty sweet new TikTok ad featuring everyone's favorite internet personality named Zach.

Check it out.


@zachking can #makeitmini with a tap. Can you? #iPhone12mini

♬ Woo - Wande

Pretty cool, right?

I wonder if King can make things bigger again – like, maybe turn an iPhone 12 Pro Max into an iPhone 12 mini when I need to be able to pick it up without straining something.

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